krista-klumpp-stephanie-valencia-survivor.JPGWhen we last left our castaways, Russell Hantz had been voted off “Survivor” for the first time ever. Who will go home tonight?

Redemption Island

Kristina joins Matt at Redemption. Krista and Stephanie draw the tiles at Zap to go to RI and they are ready to tell the other tribe that they want to flip at the merge. Rob and Grant are on hand from Ome. The challenge is a race for puzzle pieces, then puzzle assembly.

Matt and Kris are head to head and Matt starts talking smack to Rob about there was no reason to vote him out. Meanwhile, Kristina is struggling physically and then Matt wins. Stephanie and Krista then just blatantly pimp themselves out to Rob and Grant as flippers. It’s kinda gross. Can you be less like, ya know, prostitutes about it? “Yellow might look good on me.” Hmm.

While Grant and Rob are gone, Andrea is frustrated with Natalie and Ashley (who don’t do anything and only care about how they look). She says something to Phillip and they form a tentative alliance, maybe contingent on Matt returning.


Steve thinks his alliance is solid, but wants to bring Stephanie and Krista in so they are a solid tribe. That’s a great idea, but based on their behavior at RI, good luck with that. When they come back, nobody really mends any fences, so they go to the challenge still very divided.


The tribes have a caller who must guide blind-folded tribemates through a maze to collect four bags of puzzle pieces. The caller then solves a word puzzle. Love challenges like this. Remember when Michelle fell off her tower? That was hilarious (once she was OK, of course).

Zap sits Steve and Julie out. Their caller is Stephanie and David is worried she can’t do the puzzle. The caller for Ome is Rob. Stephanie is doing a good job as a caller and stupid hillbilly Ralph won’t shut up, which must be super frustrating. Him and David talking t Stephanie might have cost them the lead they have. Is Ralph trying to throw this? Seriously, he is being ridiculous.

Ome has a slight lead going into the puzzle, but Rob knocks a letter off the table in his emptying of the puzzle bags. Stephanie closes the gap and seems to have a good idea, but she has her two-letter word wrong. “The ___ ___ at victory?” “At victory”? That doesn’t make linguistic sense. Rob gets it and Ometepe wins. Zap is mad they didn’t have David do the puzzle.


In the feast, Grant and Rob see the HII clue in a jar of coffee. They set up a sneaky pick-and-roll move to get Rob away from everybody. Rob then goes to grab the first clue and he switches the second clue with the first clue, so that Grant only has the more vague one. Wow, sneaky. Rob is still not telling anybody he has the Idol.


Sarita is trying to explain Stephanie being the puzzle person/caller and David goes bonkers. He just says, “I’m the puzzle person from here on out, period.” Geez, dude. Take a pill. You had a good lead with Stephanie’s calling if Ralph wasn’t being such a tool.

But it’s kind of a moot point because it’s gotta be either Krista or Stephanie going home, right? Krista and Stephanie are busy whining about how their tribe is full of “dumb-a** people” and that Steve is physically weak. Hmm. Not sure we’ve seen any evidence of that so far.

Tribal Council

Krista talks about how their tribe is like “The Brady Bunch has gone camping” with the two evil stepsisters. She tries to say they’re stupid for thinking they can keep six people aligned the whole time because eventually it’s five, then four, then three, etc. Um, no kidding, Krista. They obviously know that. What point are you making? An alliance of six is a really strong group to keep together, why wouldn’t you want that?

During the very anti-climactic vote, we don’t see any votes cast. The votes go Steve, Steve, Krista, Krista, Krista, Krista and Krista. See ya later, blondie.

This was a very boring episode of “Survivor,” honestly. Let’s hope things pick back up next week.

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