matt sarita survivor 'Survivor: Redemption Island': 'Murlonio' is the best trick Boston Rob ever pulledThe tribes merge and sparks fly on “Survivor: Redemption Island” at the newly-formed “Murlonio.” *snicker*

Redemption Island

Sarita shows up and Matt is pretty confident he can beat her, so … that probably spells his downfall, but we shall see. Sarita does a wonderful job of talking up her tribe to Matt, which is very cool and a good show of sportsmanship.

In the morning, everybody from both tribes get to watch because the winner is rejoining the game. Rob’s a little nervous if Matt wins. The challenge is the toe-hold challenge between two walls. Wow, this really favors Sarita – smaller feet. While the two challengers are standing up there, Probst baits Phillip into talking and the editors would have you believe it goes on for like 20 minutes, which it may very well have Heee.

The challenge is intense and Sarita seems to be more comfortable than Matt, plus she’s getting good cheers from her tribemates, whereas Matt really isn’t (except from Phillip, bless his lil’ heart). But then Sarita falls. Bummer. I’m so glad Matt gets to go back, he’s been a trooper at Redemption Island.

The Merge

Everybody is pumped because – feast! They have a great picnic, including alcohol, and they start tossing out tribe names. Rob suggests Murlonio, which he says means “from the sea, united.” Except it’s just the name of his wife Amber’s stuffed animal, which is hilarious. Well done, Rob.

They build a shelter and everybody starts worrying about Matt and which way he’s gonna swing. Mike approaches Matt and says he’s gotta go with the Zap tribe because Rob is controlling the others. Mike wants Matt and Andrea and promises them FInal Four – he’ll even get rid of former Zappers in order to honor the agreement with Matt and he promises access to the Hidden Idol. Oooh, big move.

Matt approaches Andrea, saying they vote out Steve and Phillip, then blindside Rob and take out Ometepe. Interesting. I’m not sure that will work. I think their best bet is going with Mike.

God Time

Matt is trepidatious about going against his Ometepe alliance because God put him back in the game and he shouldn’t betray people. Will God smite him, do you think? Mike is totally playing on Matt’s God thing and while it might be genuine, it’s also totally strategic. Rob isn’t sure how to insert himself into the God group, but he doesn’t like Mike honing in on Matt and Andrea.


The players are balancing balls on a wooden disc while also balancing on a log. Last person standing wins immunity. This shouldn’t take long. Also – favors the big-handed. Lo and behold, people are dropping like flies. At three balls, only Grant, Mike, Steve and Natalie are left.  In a crazy turn of events, Natalie wins. I figured it would be Mike for sure.


Mike’s pretty bummed he didn’t win and he knows he’s in trouble, so there is talk of playing the Idol. Matt also goes to Rob and spills the beans about Mike offering him and Andrea a deal. Oh, Matt. You dumba**. Rob shakes his hand, but behind his back, he’s just like – Matt, you ignorant slut. Rob is going to cut your throat, dude. How can you not see that?

Mike gives Matt a lifeline by slipping him a note that says if he and Andrea vote Grant, they’ll be in the Final Three. I would take it, dude. Stop being Mr. Nice Guy. Andrea is torn – she’s not sure Matt is the best ally anymore. Which – yeah.

Tribal Council

There is some friction between David and Phillip about throwing a challenge and apparently the sleeping arrangements. Phillip then waxes poetic some nonsense about the sea and parasites and stench.

During the vote, we don’t see any. Then before the votes are read, Ralph plays the Idol for Mike. Rob smirks – because they didn’t vote for Mike. The votes go Grant, Grant, Grant, Grant, Grant, Steve, Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt and … Matt. Dude, you got played so hard core. You are a little boy and Rob is a man (in the realm of “Survivor,” not life).

So it’s back to Redemption Island for Matty. Bummer.

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