jeff probst survivor 320 'Survivor': Redemption Island twist, quitters may be off the juryHost Jeff Probst had a couple big announcements during the live “Survivor: Nicaragua” reunion on Sunday (Dec. 19).

The first was that quitters will now have some repercussions, like not being allowed on the jury. It will be up to the show to decide (Quitters are not the same as medical evacuations or extenuating circumstances, like, I would imagine, when Jenna Morasca quit because her mom with cancer had taken a turn for the worst.) Good. That was totally messed up that NaOnka and Kelly got to cast a vote after quitting.

The second announcement is a new twist in the game — Redemption Island. When someone is voted out, they go to Redemption Island where they and the next person voted out will compete in a duel. One of them will re-enter the game — but do they stay on Redemption Island and keep fighting, then get back in the game at some point? Or do the immediately go back? How will they ever get the numbers whittled down? This will be interesting to watch play out.

What else happened during the reunion?

  • Fabio talks about his hilarious new nickname. People actually ask his mom if she named him that. *sigh* He also says he’s not quite as doofy as he seems, but then he gets really weird about “human creative powers” and talking about things his grandpas invented and “connecting the dots around the world” and “undermining the government.” What is happening right now?! Jeff doesn’t know either.
  • Chase apparently wants to be a country singer, so Jeff brings out a guitar and lets Chase show off his musical talents. His song is not that great, but he can sing alright.
  • Jeff talks to Jimmy Johnson a bit and his story about how trying out for “Survivor” saved his life because of the extensive medical testing the show does. In the audience, Terry Bradshaw is there and he says Jimmy’s football buddies were shocked he was going on the show.
  • Holly talks about how bananas she went the first few days in Nicaragua and all I can think is “wow, you’re so pretty Holly!” Seriously, woo woo. In talking about her nutty shoe incident, Dan’s wealth comes up and he says to Jeff asking how rich he really is, “I’m OK.” Heh.
  • NaOnka gets her own moment in the spotlight. Jeff calls “a great villain,” but I think that’s just ’cause he can’t call her the “b” word on the show. Now she’s all “I acted a fool,” but I interviewed her just a few weeks ago and she wasn’t saying that. She totally defended her actions. Blech, don’t give her any more air time. She says some parents have questioned her job as a teacher, which is good to hear. She seemed like a total psycho on the show and I can see how that would concern parents. She says it’s a game, but 19 other people didn’t look crazypants the way she did. Her mom Zena says she was surprised by her daughter on the show, but she also says she’s a little bit like NaOnka.
  • They announce the Sprint winner and it’s (of course) Jane. I was on
    board the “Jane is awesome” train right up until she got voted out and
    turned out to be a sore loser and kind of a jerk.
  • Jeff talks to Shannon about his jerk homo comments at Sash and Shannon keeps digging himself in deeper. Jeff nips that right in the bud.
  • Jimmy T. still looks like an extra from “Sons of Anarchy.” 
  • Jeff checks in with Boston Rob and Amber, who just had their second baby, Carina Rose, who is nine days old. Awww. They also have a daughter named Lucia Rose, who was born July 4th, 2009. So that family is moving right along!

What do you guys think of the new twists?

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