phillip sheppard survivor redemption island 'Survivor: Redemption Island': White rice war gets racialOn the latest episode of “Survivor: Redemption Island,” Phillip gets even crazier than usual – including stealing rice and forcing the n-word into an argument with the former Zapatera tribe members.

Redemption Island

So Matt is back on RI and joining him are Mike and David. So it’s time for the three-man thunderdome and none of them know what to expect. The challenge (which everybody gets to watch) is using 150 wooden tiles to build an 8-foot high “house of cards.” The first two to do it advance. The guy who doesn’t is the first jury member.

Mike and Matt stay alive, thought it ends up being a lot closer tan it initially looks like it will be. Mike gets within half an inch and then can’t get his last tile, it’s actually very tense.


The former Zappers think their only chance is to flip Phillip. While Phillip is busy meditating and being totally weird. Meanwhile, the Zappers have a ton of food left from their former tribe situation since Rob isn’t letting his Ome people eat Zap’s food. But then Phillip decides rice is common property (which – NO. If Rob controls you and forces you to stay separate, you don’t get their food!) So Phillip steals some of Zap’s rice. Ugh. I’m not down with that and Phillip kinda sucks now. It’s fine to be sneaky, but he is clearly letting Rob pull his strings and keep him separated and if that’s the case, you don’t get any rice. That offends me.

Later, the Omers find that their rice supply is moldy and has maggots in it. They dump it out on a blanket, separate out the good rice but then want to put their good rice in Zap’s container because their container leaks. And then Phillip has the GALL to say that it’s “eye-opening” to see how the Zap people are behaving. UM – you just STOLE their RICE and now you want a favor? Get bent, Phillip.

Even if Phillip hadn’t stolen any rice, I would feel the same way. Rob is keeping the tribes very clearly separate and Ome made their bed, now they can lie in it. Phillip then threatens to put the rice in their container if Steve doesn’t keep it with him at all times. Oh my god. Phillip then plays the race card. OH. MY. GOD. Phillip has gone from sympathetic funny weirdo to totally crazy chip-on-his-shoulder straitjacket guy.

He even drops the n-word. Wow, dude. Take a breath. Read a room. Shut up, Phillip. Just shut up. Rob and Grant realize how bad news Phillip is and the target on his back has gotten huge.


The challenge is two puzzles. The first 6 who get the first part advance, then it’s whoever solves the second puzzle fastest. Those who advance are Andrea, Steve, Rob, Julie, Ralph and Grant. In the second round, Andrea, Rob and Steve get out in front, with Rob pulling it out just before Steve does.


The Zappers don’t have much hope, but they’re going to vote for Phillip and hope for the best. To screw with Phillip, Julie steals his swim trunk so that he only has his droopy red drawers to lounge around in. Heeee. OK, that’s not very nice and stuff, but it’s kinda funny. And it’s not the same as stealing food.

Rob tries to make it sound as though he’s considering getting rid of Phillip, but I’m suspicious. I think a Zapper is going home (Julie, if they’re smart) and that’s that.

Tribal Council

Phillip accuses Steve of stealing his clothes and says the Zappers are hogging the rice, which is true. You can’t cry foul if you are separating yourselves because Rob told you to. Cry me a river, whiners.

The n-word thing comes up and Phillip says that when Steve calls him crazy, he means the n-word. OH. MY. GOD. Seriously, just stop. Probst tries to diffuse the situation and manages to calm Phillip down, but I have a problem with that – Probst is just playing into Phillip’s sensitivity and craziness. Phillip was being ridiculous. And in his retelling of the encounter, he skips big chunks of the situation. Phillip goes from “put rice in your container” to “you’re crazy!,” which is not exactly how it went down.

Julie finally has to cop to stealing the shorts, which is ridiculous. Why should she have to come out with that? Did Russell have to tell who burned the socks? Jeezus.

During the vote, we only see the Zappers vote for Phillip and Phillip vote for Julie. The votes go Phillip, Phillip, Phillip, Julie, Julie, Julie, Julie and Julie. Bummer.

Next week: Is Andrea in trouble?

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