julie wolfe survivor 'Survivor: Redemption Island's' Julie Wolfe: Phillip, Russell were poisons in the camps“Survivor” lost one of its strongest women when Julie Wolfe was sent home from “Redemption Island.” Even though she got emotional talking about her financial struggles, she tells Zap2it that she came home, found a church and is so happy and thankful she went on the show.

Are you glad you went on Survivor? Was it everything you hoped/expected

it to be?

“I am glad that I went on Survivor and it was nothing at all what I hoped

or expected it ot be. Like I said last night, I went there for one

reason. It wasn’t to make friends, I wasn’t there to be on TV, I’m really

kind of a private person. I went there for the money. My house is in foreclosure and I have some financial

challenges. I went there with a cutthroat attitude, but by the third

day, my whole strategy had just fallen apart because I met Mike and Steve

and Ralph and oh my gosh, I become really good friends with those guys.

This tough firefighter who wasn’t going to take any names made all these friends. So no, it wasn’t anything like I expected.”

You were all smiles last night, even when getting eliminated. How did

you keep such a positive attitude?

“Twenty-eight days was a long time. For

me to make it 28 days … but like I said, I went there for the money,

but I made such good friends. I went home and found a church and have a

reborn relationship with God. My whole life has changed. I was sad to

leave the game, but I was really looking forward to my new life.”

Why do you think Zapatera struggled so much as a tribe?

[laughs] “We were sturgling because Russell was there. He, like PHillip, was a

poison in our camp. He was lazy, he had everybody running around

paranoid. Once we got rid of Russell and Krista and Stephanie, I think we

worked pretty well as a tribe, we worked well together as a six and we had

a super-solid four of Steve, Mike, Ralph and I. I truly believe that

throwing that challenge was a huge mistake because of the reward, it was a

great reward. If we wouldn’t have thrown that challenge, at least we

would’ve been more comortable. It looked like throwing the challenge was

our starting point to us falling apart.”

Obviously right now you know who makes it to the end, but at this point back during the game, who did you think had the best chance of usurping Boston Rob? Because right now it looks like he is controlling everything.

“Gosh, especially looking back and watching it, he is very in control. But at this point, Mike is just a solid solid player, Matt with his whole story and

his experience with God and what God is doing with him, both Matt and Mike. If

anybody, those two can beat Boston Rob.”

What did you think of Phillip?

“I think he is crazy. I think he is a lunatic. Being around him was just

… it was just draining, it was just a challenge to just deal with him.

I have to give Phillip one thinig, he was a hard worker, but every time he

opened his mouth, you were like, ‘Oh gosh, I’ve got to get away from

him.’ He was just this crazy … I am and was so over him.

He was a poison in camp.”

Who were you rooting for once you were out of the game?

“I am really hoping for Mike to be at the end. He’s a good friend and I

just really respect him in real life as a human being just for what he

has done, life experiences, going overseas and risking his life fighting

for our country. I have so much respsect for him as a human being and a

lot of respect for how he plays the game.”

Any final thoughts/messages to your fans?

“Thank you, thanks for supporting me and like I said last night, there’s

so many Americans that are struggling financially, I know there are

millions of Americans with their homes in foreclosure and all the

financial stress that I went into the game with has been lifted because of

my faith and my beliefs and just know that you can survive. You can

survive. It’s amazing being on ‘Survivor,’ I just realized we don’t need

big televisions and fancy phones or extra stuff. Just hang in there. You

can survive. Don’t give up the hope.”

“Survivor: Redemption Island” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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