sarita white survivor 'Survivor: Redemption Island's' Sarita White: 'Phillip breaks my heart'Sarita White narrowly missed out on a chance to get back in the game on “Survivor: Redemption Island.” She talks to Zap2it about her experience, how she respects the blindside and how she feels about Phillip.

Are you glad you went on “Survivor”? Was it everything you hoped it would be?

“Yes- it was and more. Watching it as a viewer you really have no idea how difficult living outside where there are no indoor options is. We had to exist in extremely close quarters with strangers. We had to trust people that at some point or another are going to take you down. All these things create such an intense alternate reality that makes for a really fun game.”

How tough was it to get so close to returning to the game and to lose?

“It was really hard. I knew if I could get to the merge, I would do well. I’m sad to have been blindsided. The blindside is one of my favorite moves so I respect it. That must have been hard for my tribe because we were close.”

Were you surprised your tribe flipped and voted you out instead of David? Strategically, that didn’t make a lot of sense to us.

“Yeah – absolutely. I’m still in shock over it. No, I don’t think it made any sense either. We all sensed that the merge was coming so to vote me out – the most loyal – to take out that person going into a merge when my word was gold. David would do anything and say anything so it didn’t make sense.”

Who were you rooting for to make it to the end once you were voted out?

“When I was on the island I was really rooting for Ralph or Julie. After talking to them and really getting to know them I would want them to walk with the cash. I think they would do good things with it. They are hard working, good people. I have enormous respect for them.”

Watching it back at home, has anything or anybody surprised you (stuff you didn’t know was going on)?

“Just the Ometepe tribe because I wasn’t with them. On my tribe – no. Mike only said one mean thing and he came back right away and talked to me about it. We were very close.”

What did you think of Phillip?

“Phillip breaks my heart because he is doing the absolute best he can with what he has. He wants to connect, he just has an awkward way of doing that. You can tell he genuinely wants to make those connections and he is a nice person. Watching them make fun of him – he is trying. I wish they would show him a little bit of compassion, he doesn’t need people snickering behind his back.”

Any final thoughts/messages to your fans?

“Thanks for all the support and kind words that people have sent my way. It means the world to mean. This is a vulnerable place to be in so having people say kind things and empathize with me really means a lot. I thank them for coming along on this ride with me.”


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