russell hantz rob mariano survivor 'Survivor: Redemption Island': Rob Mariano, Russell Hantz officially returningThe rumors are true – Boston Rob Mariano and the villainous Russell Hantz are returning to “Survivor” for the “Redemption Island” season, CBS has announced. They had all but confirmed it Monday, Jan. 10 when they revealed 16 of 18 new castaways.

Hantz and Mariano will each join a separate tribe of castaways at the start of the game. Will they be seen as an experienced veteran leader? Or will the castaways see them for the threats that they are and get rid of them early?

Neither Rob nor Russell, despite competing multiple times each, have ever walked away with the $1 million prize and the title of Sole Survivor. And you can tell they want it, especially Russell.

Mariano had this to say regarding Hantz: “I want blood to be shed … I’m gonna make him pay.” Meanwhile, Russell is busy comparing himself to LeBron James. Host Jeff
Probst just thinks that either way, “the audience is going to love it.”

What we think would be interesting is if Rob and Russell made it to the merge and teamed up. Rob told us after he was voted off “Heroes vs. Villains, “Had we teamed up we probably could have run the whole game.”

What do you think, “Survivor” fans? Excited? We think one thing is for certain — if either man gets voted out early, he could stick around a long time fighting for his life on Redemption Island.

The latest “Survivor” season premieres Wednesday, Feb. 16 at 8 p.m.ET/PT on CBS.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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