parvati shallow survivor 'Survivor' runner up Parvati Shallow: 'Russell does have some redeeming qualities'Parvati Shallow took second place despite playing a good all-around game in “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.”

She tells Zap2it in her exit Q&A why she thinks she lost to Sandra Diaz-Twine and that Russell Hantz isn’t all bad.

What made you want to do “Survivor” again?
I think I have a sick addiction to playing “Survivor.” I don’t know. I swore up and down that I would never do it again after the second time because I played so hard and it was so strenuous on me. But when they called me, I had this voice in my head going, “Do it, do it, do it,” so I had to listen to that voice.

Were you surprised you didn’t win?
No, I wasn’t surprised. At the final Tribal Council, people made it really obvious who they were voting for and I knew it wasn’t going to be me most of the time. They got up there and hurled insults at me and Russell and then talked about Sandra and their whole complete demeanor changed — how she’s an angel who works at a bank and her husband’s in Afghanistan and she’s God’s gift to humanity and I’m like, “I guess I’m not going to win.”

Do you think people couldn’t get past the alignment with Russell?
I think there were a few things. I think there was a lot of hostility and resentment from the people I’d play with before who didn’t want to see me win again. The people at Ponderosa, they’re all together, so they’re all talking about stuff with each other and making up rumors, it was gossip city. That’s one of the reasons why a lot of people didn’t vote for me, but the other one is that nobody liked Russell and they connected him and I. Sandra’s whole case was, “I wanted to get Russell out, I wanted to help you guys,” so they were like we should’ve listened to her, so they gave her the money.

You aligned with Russell, is he not such a bad guy? Or is he just as bad, or worse, as we saw on TV?
He is intense. I don’t know what America is smoking but he is a lunatic. He’s out of his mind. He is a very aggressive game player and very controlling and very competitive. He has a very large ego, so whenever any kind of move went down, he wanted to take the credit for it. Which is why he’s so hard to live with because he’s constantly watching everyone and wants to know what’s going on. I just tried to calm him down every time I talked to him. I’m like, “Listen dude, you’re outplaying yourself right now. You’re irritating everybody, just chill out, go do some downward facing dog for a second and then we can talk strategy because you’re driving me nuts. Go take a time out and we’ll talk about this later.” That’s what you have to do with him, you have to let him know what’s going on and hope he backs off.

Russell does have some redeeming qualities. He’s a very loyal player. He also is willing to take huge risks — he’s very bold in his game-play so he was a good guy for me to align with. I don’t think anybody else would have given me an Idol. He was ready to go home, he thought his name was being written down too that night and he gave me an Idol.

Would you do Survivor again if they asked?
No. I will never go back. I’m opening a wellness center in Santa Monica and I’m going to focus on building people up, having a healthy lifestyle, doing good, positive things. I’m just ready to leave all the paranoia and mayhem in the past. I’m appreciate the opportunity to have played, but I am finished.

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