shambo survivor samoa 320 'Survivor: Samoa': Will it be a Foa Foa Final Four?Tonight on “Survivor: Samoa,” the finale field is set.

After Tribal Council, Brett interviews that he’s sitting around the campfire with a totally different group than he thought he would have been sitting there with at the beginning. Russell interviews that he knows Brett is a huge threat and he’s gone as soon as he loses Immunity.

Shambo says she needs a haircut and Russell interviews that she should shave her head and that’s where she hides food and stuff. It makes me giggle. She reveals later that she’s had it since 1986. Yep. Also, Brett and Natalie are suddenly BFFs.

Reward Challenge
Two teams of three are playing a giant game of Kerplunk. The first team that pulls enough rope to drop 100 coconuts loses. The other team gets to have a feast at a local village and sleep on mattresses. The team captains are Russell and Natalie. They rock-paper-scissors and Natalie gets first pick. She picks her new Bible Buddy Brett. Russell picks Jaison. Natalie picks Mick, so Russell and Jaison get Shambo.

Shambo goes first and drops four coconuts. Mick then drops two, Jaison drops seven, Natalie drops only one. Russell drops eight, Brett drops one. It is now 19 to 4. Jeez. Shambo then drops 10, but then Mick drops 19 coconuts to make it 29-23. Except Jaison drops 48 coconuts, so it’s 77-23. But Natalie drops 58 (which Shambo psychically predicted), making it 81 to 77.

But now Russell has to go, and it won’t take much to get them to 100. He picks a rope and doesn’t drop a single coconut! WOW! Why is this so intense for me, sitting at home? Silly.
Brett is up now and drops 23 coconuts, so Russell, Jaison and Shambo win. Man, Russell was totally clutch on that.

The winners go on the reward, and Jaison is beyond grateful. This is his first win, is it not? Nothing much happens on the reward, but back at camp Brett makes a huge push to win over Mick and Natalie by saying they should forget the game and cook food and watch the sunset. I mean, Brett seems like a nice guy and I’m sure that’s sincere, but he most certainly knows what he’s doing.

Back at camp, Russell knows he has to do damage control and split up the Bible Buddies. Russell wonders about Natalie because she chose Brett first at the challenge. Natalie reassures him that she’s on board and it seems sincere. Russell interviews that Brett is a 100-pound punk who isn’t stronger or faster than Russell. I’ll give you “stronger,” Russell. I will not give you “faster,” you squat little man.

Immunity Challenge
Today’s challenge is a race into a field where you count items, then use the number of different items to open your combination lock and raise your flag. Cool. Also: piggies! SO CUTE. Mick and Jaison are the first to work on their combination, followed closely by Russell. Why is it that the women are never in the lead on these types of competitions? Women can count, I’m sure of it.

It’s a tense race to the lock. Jaison tries first and is wrong. Mick is second and is wrong. Then Brett is right and he wins. Mick looks worried (as well he should).

Tribal Council
After the challenge, there is an ominous shot of a knife. So who’s getting stabbed in the back? Jaison tells Russell that if they’re going to have a shot at taking down Brett, they need Mick to beat him, so tonight it’s Shambo. Russell doesn’t like it, but he has to know it’s the right way to go. Mick is the only person who can beat Brett in certain types of challenges.

Shambo isn’t stupid — she knows that something’s up because Jaison left as soon as she walked up to them. Do I think she’ll be able to orchestrate anything? I do not. Russell goes to Mick to say that it’s Shambo, and Mick is suspicious because Russell seems so tight with her.

Russell interviews that there are many reasons to keep Shambo: She won’t vote against Russell, she sucks at challenges and she won’t get any jury votes. Totally true. But the reason to keep Mick is to help oust Brett. Also, it’s the last day Russell can play the Immunity Idol. Well, hell. I’d play it just in case.

Jeff brings up that keeping Shambo is keeping someone you can beat. He also asks Brett if his only way to stay in the game is to win Immunity, which Brett agrees with. Monica winks at him. Shut up, Monica.

During voting, we only see Mick vote for Shambo and vice versa. Jeff asks, “If you have the Hidden Immunity Idol around your neck and you want to play it, tonight is the last time you can do so.” Russell chooses to keep it for a souvenir. HAHA! Awesome.

The votes go Shambo, Mick, Shambo, Shambo and Shambo. You can tell Russell feels bad and Shambo leaves with a smile on her face. You know, I think she’ll still vote for Russell if he makes the finals.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Did you see who is presumably Shambo’s sister on the Survivor Family Moment? She’s got some dated hair, but she’s a pretty lady!
  • Monica told us in her interview on Monday that Russell can’t win the money because he hasn’t played the “social game.” I think that’s BS. I hate it when the ousted contestants are a bunch of whiny, bitter punks who reward someone who was nice instead of someone who played the best game. Nobody left has played a better game than Russell, but those Galu people are going to be total children if he’s in the finals and give the money to ANYBODY but him. I just know it. Ugh.
  • I get to attend the “Survivor” finale on Sunday, so I will not be bringing you the recap. However, I should get to interview many of the contestants, so if you have questions for them, please send them over e-mail to

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