brett clouser survivor finale 320 'Survivor: Samoa's' Brett Clouser: It was 'a pretty easy decision'“Survivor: Samoa” contestant Brett Clouser was one teetering figurine away from winning a million dollars, but once he was on the jury, the decision about who should win was an easy one for him. Video below.

When we interviewed Brett Clouser at the “Survivor” finale, we assumed he voted for Natalie. What surprised us was his assertion that his mind wasn’t made up until that final Tribal Council:

I voted for Natalie. Going into that Tribal Council, I had no idea who I was going to vote for, but based off of the argument that she was able to create and the way she communicated her strategies and the way she actually was able to connect with me as a human being made it a pretty easy decision for myself.

Interesting. We figured Brett was one of the shoo-in votes for Natalie because they’d gotten to be such good friends. He goes on to say that once he lost that final immunity challenge, he knew he was headed home so he sat down with Natalie to work on her strategy in front of the jury. If anybody knew how to sway the former Galu members, it was Brett.

Finally, Brett filled us in on his t-shirt company called The Monument of Our Hearts, an organization dedicated to promoting healthy self-images in men and women, which is great.

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