daveball survivorsamoa 290 'Survivor: Samoa's' 'Danger' Dave Ball: 'I'm a great player'“Survivor: Samoa” sent two people home last night. “Danger” Dave Ball went first and he says it wasn’t a blindside at all — he actually was told he was going home. Look for the Monica interview Monday morning.

What were you up to before “Survivor?”
I teach boot camp here in Los Angeles

Did you go back to that?

I did, I am still doing that.

We’ve had four blindsides in a row, was last night a blindside for you?
No, it was not. They actually told me, that’s why it wasn’t even remotely a blindside. Mick shook my hand and said, “Listen, I’m not down with this blindside thing, you’re a strong competitor and you deserve better than that.”

What about the scrambling around to vote out Shambo? Was that exaggerated for the sake of the show?
That was Russell. That was all Russell. He came to me and said “I was thinking of voting out Shambo” and I wa slike, “I’ll listen, whatever you say, dude. I’ll vote for Shambo no problem.”

How did that fall apart?
It didn’t fall apart, it was never a reality, it was a lie.

Why do you think Russell did that?

It’s just how Russell does things. He lies, chests and steals and then he brags about it. Those words came out of his mouth in that order in front of us repeatedly. That’s how he said he was going to play.

What do you think of Russell? Is he playing a strong game?
Depends on how you define the game. If you think it’s a game of chalelenges, then no because he didn’t win any. He went on one reward that he was on with me and Brett and Laura, but other than that I don’t think he’s won one. If you think it’s a social game, he’s alienating a lot of people. Jeff Probst has said before  that it’s a social game, and he’s ticked off a lot of people. If it’s a social game, he’s not playing a very good game.

So are there any definitions of the game where you would say he’s playing a strong game?
When it comes to finding the Hidden Immunity Idol and playing ’em, he’s playing a pretty good game at that. Honestly, when it comes to playing ’em he’s still only one for two. But he played one at the right time and shifted the balance of power, so…

Who is playing the best game right now?
Brett, by far. He’s playing an amazing social game, he’s playing an amazing game at the challenges. Everybody loves him and he’s an extraordinarily strong competitor. He is far and away the strongest player out there. If he makes it the finals, he will win a million dollars.

So nobody can beat Brett?
No way. I would have a hard time beating Brett and I’m a great player.

[Ed’s note: Then why are you talking to me today?]

Who is playing the worst game?

Gosh… that’s a tough one. There are so many weak games. Shambo’s not really playing the game, she’s just got to hurt whoever she can. I guess it’s a toss-up between Mick and Jaison. Mick works his butt off around camp and that’s definitely a significant part of the social game, so I’d say Jaison is paying the worst game of who is left. But of course he may have done things that I did not see. But when I was there, he seemed to spent a lot of his time sleeping on the beach.

Were you surprised by anything when you watched the episodes on TV?

I was surprised that Russell poured water out of the canteens. I was surprised that he was the one who burnt Jaison’s socks. Oh, and I was surprised that Shambo was as crazy as she was.

Do you have any final thoughts or comments to your fans?
Check out my website, www.dangerdaveball.com

Ed’s note: I checked out Dave’s website and it’s… interesting. In his photo section, there are two photo captions that caught my eye. One is of an Asian woman and it says, “I don’t date Asians” and the other one is a cat in a sink that says, “I bathe in p***y.”

Alright then.

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