kellysharbaugh survivorsamoa 290 'Survivor: Samoa's' Kelly Sharbaugh: 'I was a little shocked. A lot shocked, actually.'Kelly Sharbaugh was the 10th person voted off “Survivor: Samoa.” She promised someone she wouldn’t use the word “blindside” on the show, but doesn’t know what else to call it.

What were you up to before “Survivor?”

I’m a hairstylist, I live in California. Yeah, just kind of traveling a lot and working in between. That’s it.

Are you back doing that? Did “Survivor” change your plans at all?
I don’t think “Survivor” changed what I’m doing. I’m still doing hair. I’m evolving into a whole new aspect, a whole new business side of things but not necessarily because of “Survivor.”

So let’s talk about last night’s episode. I mean, obviously that was a huge surprise.
Uh, yeah! It’s funny. I promised someone I wouldn’t use the word “blindside” on the show but I don’t know what else to call it. I was completely shocked and had no idea my name would even been thrown out there.

Were you surprised they didn’t target a bigger player? I mean, you were relatively under the radar.
Yeah, I mean it was kind of strange. I feel like Shambo had a bit of disdain for Laura and even for Monica but I was surprised at me getting voted off. I mean, I don’t know why everybody was so scared, targeting the women. I feel like the guys were a bigger threat to get out. I was a little shocked.  A lot shocked, actually. I don’t know. I just don’t understand the strategy behind it.

They showed us a conversation both where Galu considered voting out Natalie instead of Russell and where you guys considered splitting your votes. I know you weren’t there for that conversation, but were either of those REALLY discussed or was it more of a passing thing?

No, it was definitely really discussed. I wasn’t there for that conversation but I know it was definitely discussed in the prior Tribal Council when we voted out Erik. I don’t know if the convesrsation you saw last night was before this Tribal or the previous Tribal. We just didn’t think Russell had the Idol, so that day was spent pretty leisurely but in hindsight…

I’ve always been curious: where does the jury stay during the last part of Survivor? You obviously come back for every Tribal, where do they house you in the meantime?

I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to stay. We go back to the Ponderosa. It’s nice, I think they show some of it online. [Ed’s note: They do, you can see where the jury stays on CBS’s website] It’s kinda fun, you get some insight into it and we get bussed back over for Tribal. There’s beds and there’s food and you get to relax a bit.

At this point in the game, who were you rooting for?
I mean, at this point I genuinely thought Brett was playing the most strategic game, the best game. He set himself up to be aligned with all the right people, he’s friendly with everyone, he’s got Shambo on his side and I feel like physically he’s one of the best players out there. No one really sees him coming, I’m pulling for him to win.

Were you surprised that Shambo flipped? Do you think she’ll stick with the 4 remaining Foa Foa members, making the numbers even?

I’m not surprised at all because she’s never really clicked with our tribe. From the very beginning she never even slept in the shelter with us. She put herself on the outside from the beginning and I think Foa Foa welcomed her so she ran to them. I don’t think that she was ever with us, from the merge. She got sent over there twice and it was clear that it was them and not us. I don’t know how many [Galu] people even realized that Shambo flipped, because she acted just as surprised as everyone else.

Do you have any final thoughts?
I feel like I’m proud of how I played. I was definitely a much more quiet player, I was playing to win the game, not for air time. But I had a great time.

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