When Zap2it caught up with Russell Hantz, the “Survivor: Samoa” fan favorite at the finale, he told us that he was really upset he didn’t win and that he thinks his only other vote besides Shambo came from John. Video below.

We saw Shambo voted for Russell but we didn’t see the other vote cast for him. Russell is certain it was John because he’s got a “smart mind” and can appreciate Russell’s game play.

When we observed that we loved watching Russell but that if we’d been in the game we’d have wanted to vote him out, Russell responded that we only think we would’ve wanted to get him out, but that his social game was good enough that everybody kept him around.

Finally, Russell says that if Brett had been in the Final Three and Russell had been on the jury, Brett would’ve gotten Russell’s vote because “the rest of ’em did absolutely nothing.”

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