survivor season 28 'Survivor' Season 28: Who should return for 'Brawn vs. Brain vs. Beauty'? Vote now“Survivor” announced during the live “Blood vs. Water” reunion special that next season, which is number 28 (!) is “Brawn vs. Brain vs. Beauty,” which could be a lot of fun. Since it’s par for the course these days to have previous players return, it got us thinking — which former castaways would we like to see in each category?

We’re operating under the assumption that there will be three tribes divided according to the subtitle of the season, so here are our suggestions for each. Vote below for who your favorites are and let us know if we forgot anybody.

Also — the castaways could oftentimes fit into two or all three of the categories, so we aren’t saying they aren’t smart or beefy or good-looking by picking one place to put them. Finally, we also are trying to pick people who haven’t already returned to the show many times over.

These are just a few suggestions, but vote below in our poll and add your own!

UPDATE: Jeff Probst has confirmed that there are NO returning players, you guys. Color us impressed. We still stand by our choices below — we have wanted to see Hunter Ellis and Gina Crews come back for years.

Brawn: Christa Hastie, Lea “Sarge” Masters, Leann Slaby, Ami Cusack, Shannon “Shambo” Waters, Dan Lembo.

Brain: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Lex Van Den Berghe, Gina Crews, Paschal English, Yul Kwon, Yau-Man Chan.

Beauty: Colleen Haskell, Alicia Calaway, Hunter Ellis, Darrah Johnson, Dolly Neely, J.P. Calderon, Jessica “Sugar” Kiper, Bill Posley.

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