coach chi survivor 'Survivor: South Pacific': Coach chi with the MansonsWhen we last left our “Survivor: South Pacific” castaways, the Upolus were picking off the Savaiis one by one, leaving Ozzy, Dawn and Whitney at Redemption Island together.

Redemption Island

In the morning after Tribal, Sophie is not too keen on Cochran anymore. Then Cochran talking-heads about the Upolu family saying that the use of the word “family” makes him think of the Manson family and he doesn’t want to be the Sharon Tate in this scenario. Um, let’s not get carried away, dude.

He then asks the Upolus to save him for one Tribal as a way to repay him for helping them. Coach and Albert think he’s being ridiculous, but Sophie thinks they owe Edna just as much. 

The Redemption challenge is a balancing-dishes challenge. Sadly, Dawn is out first. I loved her, I’m so bummed about that. Whitney then falls shortly thereafter and Ozzy stays alive. In her exit speech, Dawn is so wonderfully happy to just have had the experience. She makes me cry a little, geez. What a neat lady.

After Tribal, there is the requisite montage of Ozzy, like, wrestling sharks or something.


With some kooky-washer-woman music in the background, Edna does laundry and Albert kind of jerkily says he’ll leave the housework to Martha Stewart because, you know, he’s a game player. Then Mr. Game Player, after lying around doing nothing for an hour, he goes over to the laundry and tips the water into the fire, putting the fire out. Way to endear yourself, dude. I mean, does he not see what a physical threat he is? Just give them a reason to think you’re a jerk and you’re out the door, dude.

That, coupled with Edna working Coach, has Coach rethinking his strategy a bit. We’ll see how far that goes, or if it’s just talk. Cochran then takes advantage by doing some Coach-chi with Coach. Oh, gag me.

Immunity Challenge

The latest challenge is deja vu – combining old challenges. The first three who land sand bags on crates advance to shooting coconuts into targets. The winner gets a spa day, in addition to Immunity, of course.

The three who advance are Albert, Rick and Sophie. Rick gets two targets quickly, while Sophie has yet to score and Albert is at one, but then Albert ties it up. And then Albert wins. Not a surprise, I seem to recall Albert was really good at the coconut challenge earlier in the season.

So much for voting out Albert. He gets to choose one person to join him with the massage, but he takes Coach. That’s weak. I’d take Rick, since he almost won. But then Albert gives up his massage to Cochran. Wow. That is some strategery right there.


Albert tells Cochran he thinks Coach isn’t ready to make a big move (like voting out Rick), but Cochran says he is. Edna also approaches Cochran, as she sees that it’s looking like either her or him, so maybe if they ban together, they can turn it on somebody else.

Coach then erroneously quotes Shakespeare, but he’s much closer than he has been on past quotes. At least he got the author and the gist of the quote right.

Tribal Council

Cochran expresses his frustration with helping Upolu and then wanting not to be targeted for 7th place. It’s a fair point, but he needs to learn how to express himself without seeming like a pompous jerk. You’re not “entitled’ to anything, fella.

Brandon just wants to lay everything out on the table, declaring he’s voting out Cochran now and Edna next time. Everything is just so black and white with him. He then starts crying. Because he’s pretty much crazy pants. Everybody else tries not to laugh.

Cochran’s crack about Jeff and his blue shirts was funny.

The Vote

We see Rick and Cochran vote for each other. Edna also votes for Rick. The votes go Cochran, Rick, Rick, Cochran, Cochran and Cochran. Doh! Made a big move, kinda got screwed in return. Haha. At least he has Redemption Island. He could beat Ozzy at something.

Next week
: “He really doesn’t stand a chance.”  Snerk.

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