cochran survivor cbs 'Survivor: South Pacific': Cochran, secret agent man“Survivor: South Pacific” heats up as Cochran goes all secret agent man on us.


The Savaii tribe are hoping and praying the merge happens and everybody’s pretty tense about being down Ozzy. Cochran’s pretty pumped about his role as a double agent when they do merge. His Al Pacino needs work.

Redemption Island

Ozzy plays up the Cochran-used-the-Idol ploy and Christine seems to buy it. Ozzy talking-heads that this move was either the “stupidest” or the “craziest, ballsiest” move. I’d say all three.

For the duel, everyone is there from each tribe, which obviously belies a merge. Ozzy severely overacts his part and Albert, Rick and Coach are not buying his story one whit. The duel is to use a long stick to retrieve keys and unlock a gate. The winner comes back into the game at this point.

Naturally, Ozzy wins. Sigh. I was really hoping that move would blow up in Savaii’s face and Christine would get to come back. She deserves it. And then they merge.


The merge feast is suitably awesome. Cochran immediately starts kissing up to Coach, which – forget double agent. I’d be a triple agent, if I were Cochran. He’s low man at Savaii anyway, so pretend to spy for them and actually be with Upolu. Coach sees right through it, though. He says his tribe isn’t budging, so he extends an offer to Cochran to join the Upolus and get away from the bullies on his own tribe. Do it, dude. Do it.

Cochran totally goes for it, he spills all the beans to Upolu about all of Savaii’s stuff. Man, if Savaii is convinced he’s working for them, Cochran is sitting pretty. Upolu asks Cochran who should go and if I were him, I’d say Keith. He’s a jerk, he’s good looking and he’s obviously an individual immunity threat.

Cochran does return the Idol to Ozzy, which is upstanding of him. He’s also pretty heady about the power he holds right now. Don’t get cocky, Cochran.

Interestingly, Cochran does approach Dawn with some ideas and she’s receptive, though she starts crying about how nice Upolu are and how mean Savaii are. She’s also feeling guilty for not standing up for Cochran. Aww.

Individual Immunity

It’s a necklace for both a man and woman. The challenge is holding a coconut in a rope sling while on a small perch. Last ones standing win. Every so often, more rope is added to make it bigger and harder to hold the coconut. You also have to make the rope taut or the coconut will fall.

Edna and Cochran are out very quickly. Shocking, I know. Whitney falls right away in the second round, leaving Sophie and Dawn. Then Sophie drops and Dawn wins. Cool. I wonder why it was men vs. women. There is nothing to this challenge that is inherently advantageous to either gender, I don’t think.

Coach drops next, followed by Rick, Jim, and then Keith. So it’s Albert, Brandon and Ozzy. The rope roughly two feet long now and that’s as long as it gets, they just go until someone wins now. Brandon drops and then Albert, so Ozzy wins Immunity. Man, Upolu better get rid of Ozzy the first time he doesn’t win Immunity. We already know he can easily run the gamut.


The Savaii people think Sophie should go, which … hmmm. They also discuss targeting Sophie and switching to Rick at the last minute. And the fact that they’ll go to drawing rocks, which nobody likes. But Savaii only has four pickers out of 10 after you discount Dawn and Ozzy. If someone plays the Idol, they only have three out of nine. And I seem to recall the two people who are tied in the voting don’t draw rocks either, so doesn’t that leave two out of seven? Those are decent odds. I’m still not sure it’s enough for Cochran.

Cochran spills the beans to Sophie, who won’t tell him who Upolu is voting for. But she does now know who the targets are, so Upolu can plan a little. Cochran is nervous about the backlash, but Coach reassures him.

Cochran tells Dawn his plan is to switch his vote on the re-vote and she seems to have changed her tune about flipping. Hmm. SHe then talking-heads that she told Cochran how disappointed she is in him and how it’s not right to flip and he’s only looking out for himself. Um, no kidding, lady. And he has every right to do that. I want to like you, Dawn, but let’s not act like this is a team sport. And even if it was, Cochran’s team has treated him like dirt, so who can blame him?

Tribal Council

I’m actually excited for TC. Jim says it doesn’t make sense for a Savaii to jump ship. Well, it kinda does if he or she is low man on the totem pole. Albert also calls Ozzy out about his “Broadway” performance at Redemption Island. Sophie says she was pretty offended by the over-the-top charade. Heh. So then Ozzy just blurts out that “we” have the Idol. Double heh.

Before the vote, Ozzy plays the Idol for Whitney. The Upolus look a little nervous. Surely they didn’t vote for Whitney, right? Then the votes go six for Keith and six for Rick. So we re-vote. Moment of truth for Cochran. The votes go five votes for Keith, four for Rick and then an extra one for Keith. Coach smiles, Whitney adn Jim look gobsmacked, Keith just laughs.

Cochran immediately turns around to Jim and Ozzy to ‘fess up, which is such a wussy move. Stop that. Don’t apologize to them and try to get back in their good graces. You chose your side of the sand, Cochran. OWN IT.

Jim calls Cochran a coward twice and Brandon Hantz, in the first awesome thing he’s done, tells Jim not to talk to Cochran that way and that talk like that is what made this happen in the first place. Good for you, Brandon.

That was pretty awesome. I hope Cochran doesn’t spoil it by acting like an apologetic wuss. Seriously, dude. Own your awesome move. Stop trying so hard to get the “cool kids” to like you.

Next week: Savaii is all over Cochran and Ozzy gazes at a rainbow. *barf*

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