survivor edna  'Survivor: South Pacific': Edna goes up against crazy BrandonBrandon continues his pathological behavior of being a complete nutjob on “Survivor: South Pacific.” And Cochran exits with grace.

Post Tribal

Cochran is whining about being used and whatnot. Well, it happens. Your big move didn’t pay off, take it like a man. Meanwhile, Ozzy tells Cochran to make up for it by voting for him to win the money. He wants a promise, which Cochran finds presumptuous.

Meanwhile, back at Te Tuna Edna is feeling really ostracized by Brandon and the rest of the alliance is just kind going along with it instead of standing up to crazypants Brandon.

The castaways then get treemail in the form of messages from their family members on a Sprint phone. Everybody cries, as usual. Wow, Coach’s brother is like Coach as an accountant. Wow.

The Duel is retrieving bags with a hook, then a tilt-y puzzle, getting a ball through a hole at the middle while avoiding other holes along the way. So it’s a pretty fair duel for Cochran and he almost pulls it out, it’s very intense. But Ozzy wins. Jeff does a little happy dance in his head.

Cochran adorably geeks out on his way out. He’s such a weirdo and very awkward, but it’s nice that this meant to much to him. I’d rather watch 18 fans of the show every season than people the show casts from a lineup of models and wanna-be actors.

Now the twist. The loved ones are brought out and Ozzy is told one person gets to spend time with his or her loved one and Ozzy gets to pick. Man, I’d take the game out of it and pick Rick. Spouse trumps parents and siblings, for me.

Ozzy picks Albert, Coach and Brandon, though. Pretty strategic, but still.

On the reward, Coach approaches Ozzy about a final three deal. He says he’s giving Ozzy his word as a Christian man, two noble warriors fighting it out. Ozzy seems to say OK.

Meanwhile, Brandon is losing his mind and his dad is trying to talk some sense into him about playing for the money. His dad even approaches Coach on Brandon’s behalf about keeping him there to the end. Wow, dude. Coach makes no promises.


The challenge is to move across a puzzle board by flipping puzzle pieces. They can’t go backwards. Oooh, I would love a challenge like this. It’s kind of a bummer they held this challenge til Cochran was gone. He might’ve done really well at this.

Coach carves himself out a huge piece of the puzzle, I don’t think anyone can beat him. Albert, Brandon go out first. Edna played that all wrong, she should’ve moved towards Coach more. She stayed away and he moved forward to the center to carve himself a huge piece.

Meanwhile, Brandon snots as he gets eliminated that he just wanted to keep someone else from winning. Edna rightly calls him out by saying he can use her name. Yes, at least have the respect to use her name. She’s not stupid, dude.

It comes down to Edna and Coach but it’s just a formality because there is no way Coach can lose. Edna is obviously irritated.

So, any suspense at this point? I doubt it.

Pre Tribal

After the challenge, everybody privately says how inappropriate Brandon behaved, kicking Edna while she was down and being totally rude. He says he didn’t want to be rude by saying someone’s name. Um, point? Flew right over Brandon’s head. It’s not NOT saying the name, it’s bringing it up at all, like a snotty jerk. That kid needs to get punched in the mouth.

Edna makes one final stab at saving herself and she goes to Sophie, Coach and Albert at getting Brandon out. She makes a very good argument with how Brandon hasn’t been respectful or played with honor or integrity. She also kind of takes them to task, which is good.


Coach says she made a good case, but I’m still not convinced they keep her. These guys are kind of wussies, I think they punk out and keep Brandon.

Tribal Council

Edna says she’s targeting Brandon and he starts whining about his feelings being hurt and how she shouldn’t’ attack his character. Edna defends herself, saying she didn’t have to make anything up. It’s just his behavior. And she’s absolutely right. Brandon has VERY little self-awareness.

The Votes

We obviously only see Brandon and Edna vote for each other. The votes go Edna, Brandon, Edna, Edna and Edna. Bummer. She made a good try at the end. Wouldn’t it be funny if Edna beat Ozzy at the next duel?

Next week: The Upolus turn on each other and the editing makes it look like Edna might win the duel, but I don’t trust it.

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