edna survivor south pacific 'Survivor: South Pacific': It's brawn or scrawnOn “Survivor: South Pacific,” the losing tribe has some decisions to make about merge vs. immunity, numbers vs. loyalty and strength vs. lapdog.

Redemption Island

Christine vs. Elyse in a game of shuffle board. Rick cheers Christine a
bit and she flips him the bird with the ol’ “scratching your nose” ploy.
That was weird. Rick/Sophie and Keith/Ozzy are the observers. Christine
wins her fourth duel in a row to stay on the Island. On the way home,
Sophie and Rick talk about how Christine is never going to rejoin Upolu
if she comes back in the game.


Ozzy is obviously not pleased about Elyse’s ouster, especially because he wasn’t in on it. After Tribal, he has a bit of a fit – says he’s done with the alliance and he’s a free agent. Done playing for anybody but himself. Um, everybody should be playing for him or herself. You got played, deal with it. Then he just barfs out that he has the Idol and then vaguely threatens something about Redemption. It’s unclear.

When Ozzy gets done pouting, he realizes he has to kiss up to people again and get the alliance back on track. Cochran, who was dancing in the aisles after Ozzy shot himself in the foot, is not happy about him crawling back. Jim, on the other hand, is ecstatic. As Jim points out, Ozzy helps them win tribe immunity and when they merge, Ozzy’s a bigger target than Jim is.


Brandon finds the third HII clue and now he’s bound and determined to find it, so Coach is sweating a little that he’ll have to come clean that he has the Idol, which Albert and Coach agree would be bad. Brandon will flip about being lied to.

Edna knows she’s in trouble, so she continues to get all buddy-buddy with Coach. Coach comments that Edna would “lay her ‘Survivor’ life down for [him].” Eww. First of all, let’s not be so dramatic. Secondly, I think she has enough self-respect and brains not to do that. Well … maybe not. But I’d like to hope so.

The Challenge

They assemble a wheelbarrow, go through an obstacle course, collect coconuts, disassemble the wheelbarrow into a slingshot, then fire the coconuts at targets. Upolu sits out Edna, and they get off to a decent lead. Cochran, Ozzy and Dawn are not the best wheelbarrow wranglers.

By the time Savaii is firing coconuts, however, Upolu only has one target down and Savaii ties it up quickly. Mikayla is not having much luck on her target-shooting and Coach keeps asking her if she wants a break. Dude, you can’t just ask like that. If you want to take her out, just take her out. Savaii ends up pulling it out and I’m worried for Mikayla.


However, I’m pleasantly surprised to find that Albert is on Mikayla’s side and says he’ll work on keeping her around. He talks to Rick and Sophie about how they have to keep the tribe strong. Brandon then shocks me when he says he’d rather vote out Edna because he knows she’s weak, but he says he’ll stick to his word to Coach and vote out Mikayla. Ughhhh. He sucks and is kind of crazy/unstable.

Coach plays a martyr card, saying he should’ve been a better coach and a better leader. He needs an Edna around to listen to him, not a Mikayla, who is too stubborn and strong. If I were Coach, I would not have said that to Albert and Sophie. That’s too much of a reveal of your strategy.

Coach then works on Rick about keeping Edna and so does Albert. Rick is the swing vote right now. Hmm.

Tribal Council

In the loyalty vs. strength debate, Albert rightly point out that loyalty can be faked, but strength cannot be. Brandon says that their alliance was talking loyalty at the last tribal, but now they aren’t. He also says he’s bound by what he said and just says he’s voting for Mikayla even though he doesn’t want to. Huh.

He then gets all crazy talking about the black and white-ness  and lasciviousness of cigarettes and lies and marijuana. Dear lord.

During the vote, we see Brandon/Edna vote for Mikayla and Albert/Mikayla vote for Edna. The votes go Mikayla, Edna, Mikayla, Edna, Mikayla, Edna and … Mikayla. Wow. That surprises me a little. Not a lot, but a little. I think it’s foolish.

Coach and Brandon then declare their love for each other. Cause they weren’t being gross enough yet.

Next week
: Is Coach going to put a bullet in Brandon’s head? But he just said he loved him!

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