survivor top 9 'Survivor: South Pacific': The Cult of CoachCan Albert wrest control of “Survivor: South Pacific” away from the Cult of Coach?

Post Tribal

Over at Redemption, Jim, Ozzy and Keith are not pleased to be sitting where they are sitting. Jim calls it the Cult of Coach. Meanwhile, Coach is pumping up his “family” and saying guys like Jim are dangerous. So maybe Jim is not so far off. Heh.

The next morning, the cult talk continues with Cochran and drinking the Coach Kool-Aid. Coach confides to Cochran that he’s nervous about being blindsided by Albert.

Redemption Island

It’s a strength/balance challenge and the two who lose are the first two jury members, the winner stays on Redemption. Jim is out after 10 minutes or so. Keith starts to slip and then drops, so Ozzy is still on Redemption. Jeff is happy to point out his man-crush Ozzy didn’t have any support with the tribe members still in the game. Yes, yes, he’s a God among men, Jeff.

Later, the God among men swims and fishes as island music plays. He’s talking about Redemption like he’s on a trip to the day spa. All he’s missing is Brooke Shields, apparently.

*gazes contemplatively from the top of a palm tree*

Te Tuna

Cochran is entertaining the idea of changing up the game with Dawn and Whitney. Hmmm. Hope he’s not biting off more than he can chew.

Immunity Challenge

They are balancing rice bowls on tehir heads as they go across teeter-totters. They can’t touch the bowl, it can’t fall. They have to fill a basket on the other side of the teeter-totters.

Unsurprisingly, Dawn, Sophie and Whitney are good at this. Brandon is also good, which surprises me. It ends up close between Dawn and Sophie, but Sophie pulls it out.

Pre Tribal

There is apparently a twist at this Tribal Council, which has everybody worried and/or hopeful. Cochran is nervous about a double elimination because if they do immunity on the spot and one of Dawn/Whitney who is still there wins, Cochran is gone.

Albert has an interesting plan. He wants to get Edna out, thereby getting Dawn and Whitney to like him an showing Cochran some faith for helping them by moving him up on the Upolu ladder. That’s a good plan. And who cares about Edna? She’s like barely there. Albert plays Cochran like a fiddle while they play checkers. He knows exactly what buttons to push to get Cochran on board with the Edna vote.

But they need one more vote. Sophie would be my choice. And then she is also Albert’s choice. Coach is noticing Albert’s moves and finds it “unacceptable.” This might be an interesting Tribal.

Tribal Council

They discuss the tribe pecking order, which comes as a surprise to no one. Cochran says he’s planning ahead and admits now is the time to make a big move. Dawn agrees and Coach admits that he’s wary. It then turns into a discussion about whether or not Coach is the leader of the tribe. Um, duh. The Coach doth protest too much, methinks.

The votes go Dawn, Edna, Dawn, Edna, Don (really?), Dawn and Dawn. Bummer. Cochran, Sophie and Albert suck. All that posturing and then nothing. I hope she knocks Ozzy out at Redemption.

But now the twist! Second Immunity Challenge. Survival questions. If you miss a question, you’re out. Rick, Albert and Edna go out on the first question. Brandon and Cochran are out on the second question. Coach is out on the third question, so it’s Sophie and Whitney facing off. The last question is about the danger of South Pacific clams. Whitney says true, Sophie says false and Sophie wins. Aw man. Sorry Whitney. I don’t like her particularly, but it would’ve been interesting to watch if she won Immunity.

The votes are unanimous for Whitney, obviously.

Next week: Coach starts calling himself Zeus? Really?

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