albert survivor south pacific 'Survivor: South Pacific's' Albert Destrade: 'Ozzy played one of the worst games ever in the history of 'Survivor''Albert Destrade got to the final three on “Survivor: South Pacific,” but then didn’t get any jury votes for the million dollars. He tells Zap2it who would’ve had his vote if he hadn’t been in the finals and that he kind of thinks Sophie won by default.

Are you glad you did “Survivor”? Was it everything you hoped it would be?

“I’m extremely glad I did ‘Survivor.’ I love this game, I love the show. I don’t know if it was anything I expected it to be because I really expected to come home with the million dollar check. I felt like I played a really, really solid game. But I have no regrets. I know I gave it my all. I made the best decisions that were available for me.”

Did you feel like you had a chance going into the final Tribal? Did it surprise you not to get any votes?

“I wasn’t surprised I didn’t get any votes given the way the final Tribal played out. Going into it, I could have had an opportunity. I really had a lot of reasons why I had a claim to the prize. But I didn’t really have an opportunity to speak my case. There’s not a day that goes by taht I don’t think about literally the dozens of reasons I had why I should’ve won the game. I created this five-person alliance, I brought Coach in. I handled Brandon Hantz in a scenario when I had one foot out the door and was able to get him to give me his necklace. There were so many things I could’ve done and said if I had been given more than three questions, or given an opportunity to comment. It’s cool, though, I’m resigned to my fate and I’m not embarrassed about my game.”

Were you surprised Sophie won?

“Given the way the jury operated, I wasn’t surprised that she won. I felt like they were looking for reasons not to give me the win, or not to give Coach the win. And Sophie was on the winning end of that. She played a pretty awful social game … if you look at her body of work, it paled in comparison to mine and Coach’s by a pretty large margin. But I’m not surprised she won. We have nine emotional human beings [on the jury] who are voting on their own criteria and how much their feelings were hurt. I could foresee it coming and I warned Coach.”

If you could do it over, would you do anything differently?

“I would definitely try to position myself with a couple different opponents in the end. I probably would’ve brought Mikayla in earlier on in our alliance. That would’ve been a big key. I unfortunately bought into the Brandon-Hantz-Mikayla-lies train early on. But yeah, there’s so many scenarios that I could replay I would do a little differently. But I feel like overall I made the best play in each and every scenario that was available to me.”

If you hadn’t been in the final three, who would’ve gotten your vote out the last few players?

“I probably would’ve voted for Sophie, just because I thought she played a slightly better game than Coach. Coach made a couple more missteps than she did. Brandon Hantz would never in a million years have gotten my vote, he played an atrocious game.”

What about Ozzy?

“Ozzy played one of the worst games ever in the history of ‘Survivor.’ Not only did he get voted out three times in one season, which is hard to do, but he was berating members of his own tribe. He was kicking walls after challenges, he got one of his alliance members voted out. It’s really disappointing as a fan of ‘Survivor.’ I thought he would’ve brought more to the table. I thought Ozzy played a really, really poor game. Clearly the Savaii members were supportive of him, but not all the people who were there were voting on the ‘best’ person there.”

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