elyse survivor south pacific 'Survivor: South Pacific's' Elyse Umemoto: Ozzy alliance 'should have been a secret'Elyse Umemoto forged a friendship with Ozzy Lusth on “Survivor: South Pacific” and that was ultimately what led to her downfall. She tells Zap2it she doesn’t regret it, though.

Are you glad you did “Survivor”? Was it everything you expected or hoped it would be?

“I am over the moon excited that I did ‘Survivor.’ I had no preconceived notions or expectations. I was just there to absorb and live every minute of it. So, yeah – it exceeded my expectations because it was harder than I thought, but I learned more about myself, and I came out a stronger person on the other side.”

Do you wish you hadn’t gotten quite so tight with Ozzy right out of the gate?

“No, I don’t regret being tight with Ozzy right out of the gate because I think was important to have a tight alliance. I think the downfall for me was it should have been a secret. It should have been an absolute secret to everyone.”

Do you think your relationship with Ozzy was the only reason your tribe targeted you?

“Gosh, I’ve thought about this question, but it is hard to say. I’m kind of stumped. I’m not really sure. I think that my proximity to Ozzy was probably the primary reason, but there could have been others because they were clearly pretty good at keeping secrets from me.”

Which tribe do you think is stronger at this point?

“At this point, I think that Upolu is clearly the stronger tribe because Savaii is so disjointed. The unity that I thought was there clearly isn’t. That is going to be hard to overcome as they move forward in the game.”

Is there anyone in particular you are rooting for to make it to the end?

“I’m definitely rooting for Christine! I’m 100% in her cheering section. She has everything it takes to win and I hope she goes all the way.”

“Survivor: South Pacific” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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