Survivor: Tocantins has it’s first villain, and his name is Coach. I’ll be honest, he’s been annoying me.  I mean, like, a lot. But, he’s also making things interesting. Not only do I want to see what stupid crap comes out of his hole next, I want to see how his tribe reacts to his embarrassing behavior. Much in the same way a brilliant athlete makes his teammates better, Coach is making his tribemates more dramatic.

Too many Indians, not enough chiefs. The topic at Timbira is still who will lead the pack. The Timbirans are leaning towards Brendan, as Jerry suggested the night before. Coach’s passive aggressive personality is in excellent form as he states publicly that he would love to lead, but is willing to accept Brendan as leader. No sooner does he make this statement than he turns to the camera and talks about how much better a candidate he is then Brendan — the difference between surviving and thriving. God, I would LOVE to see this guy get a chance to lead so he can fall flat on his face!

Sharing secrets. Taj reaches out to Stephen on behalf of Team Covert, and officially invites him into the alliance that she shares with Brendan. Stephen’s been looking for a side that will take him, and gladly signs on board.

A raid on the opposite tribe’s camp is reward for the winners of the next challenge — a test of strength and endurance. Notably, Coach does not offer to bear any weight for his tribe, despite being appearing to be very physically fit, the much slimmer Tyson taking his place. Notice how Coach is very careful to avoid being in a position where he can really has to step up in a challenge? The test ultimately comes down to Deborah for Timbira and Taj for Jalapao. Taj supports her weight longer than Deborah, and Jalapao wins the raid. Taj selects Sierra for exile, and Sierra returns the favor, taking Taj with her.

Tyson terrifys
. Timbira camp is raided, with JT and Joe taking beans and a water can. Sandy derides their decision to leave a sack of beans at Timbira. Friction is developing between Sandy and Sydney. Sydney doesn’t like Sandy’s crazy ways, and Sandy doesn’t like Syd using her feminine wiles to get the boys of Jalapao on her side. A showdown of youth vs. experience seems to be in the offing. And, knowing how Survivor likes to structure their shows, I wouldn't be surprised if this rivalry plays itself out further later in the episode.

Meanwhile, Taj fills Sierra in on her plan with Brendan. Sierra loves the idea, and Team Covert (well Taj, called it Team Secret, so I’ll honor her wishes) — Team Secret is born. Back at Timbira, Tyson’s insanity is in full bloom — this fool walks in wearing a loin cloth, his skinny butt prominently displayed. After demonstrating the crazy side of his mental instability, he displays the dangerous side, practically salivating over the idea of voting Erinn off and seeing her melt down at tribal. Damn Ty, you sound more and more like a sociopath with each new episode of this season!

Age before beauty. The immunity challenge this week consists of a race to collect tumblers which will be used to solve a word puzzle once assembled. After a very tight race to collect the puzzle pieces, Timbira solves first, breaks their losing streak and wins immunity.

Sure enough, sides are being taken over Syd and Sandy, with Joe and Spencer snookered by Syd’s looks and Taj seeing Sandy as the better competitor. Stephen and JT appear or be on the fence, but I’d be willing to bet that Steve will stick with his alliance to Taj, making JT a candidate for swing vote status. Sydney’s flirtatious nature is a hot topic at tribal. Syd sure does seem to be getting around, having worked all the guys in turn. This vote should prove which direction the blood is flowing in these guy’s bodies. But the thing is, even taking Sydney's looks out of the equation, you could make an argument in favor of voting for Sandy anyway. Her age and nutty personality would make her a target in any group. Sure enough, Sandy is bounced, that is to be expected, but what the hell was up with Taj voting for Joe?

Coach wasn’t given much of a chance to shine this episode, but don’t worry, that maniac is still in the game and I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to start acting up sooner rather than later. The upshot is that the tribal redistribution has brought some people to council who haven’t made many appearances there so far. This has drawn out some new rivalries for us to enjoy. Also, Team Secret is now in place and it will be interesting to see what develops from that alliance.

Posted by:Andrew Stubinski