Tvpartyw510 When we think of Brazil, we tend to think

of beautiful beaches filled with supermodels glistening in the sun while

holding a lovely cool drink and ordering around a cabana boy. But yet again,

those crazy kids at CBS have taken an exotic locale and made it seem like a

place we wouldn’t want to go even if you put a gun to our heads. Still, we

enjoy watching people lie to one another while eating bugs and performing

ridiculous contests for a doll, so we love Survivor: Tocantins, airing

Thursdays on CBS. If you love it too, call your friends, we’re partying like

we’re part of the Forza Tribe!


Setting the scene:

Until they film Survivor: Arctic Circle, you can be safe by decorating on the heavy side. Thatch walls, thatch umbrellas, interior tiki huts,

and even bamboo paneling and fencing help make guests feel as if they’re in the

midst of the Brazilian Highlands. Have tiki torches set up outside around a

bench so it looks as if you might have a Tribal Council at any time. Add a

couple of small tents, some cots and

enough sand for people to dig their toes into. Just build a

short frame out of two-by-fours with a tarp liner, and you’ll reduce cleanup

afterward. Divide guests into two tribes — Jalapao and Timbira. You can have

games if you like, or have your tribe’s success depend on the outcome of

tonight’s episode. Prizes include everything we take for granted: a roll of

toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes and candy bars.



One of our favorite things about this show

is that everyone is as close to naked as you can get on network television, so

tell guests to dress in shorts, tank tops, bandannas, torn T-shirts and



On the menu:

Food is served back at the Ponderosa and

can be whatever you think your survivors might like the most. From we can tell,

the favorite items on the Ponderosa menu tend to be hamburgers, barbecued chicken

and hot fudge sundaes. Have bowls of candy available as



On the hi-fi:

Compilation CDs often fall far from their

mark, but Survivor: Official Party Survival Kit features

tunes that fit every concept the show inspires — Jungle Boogie by Kool &

the Gang, Backstabbers by the O’Jays, Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to

Hollywood and 10 others.


The showstopper:

Sure, sitting in front of the big screen

with a hamburger and all your friends seems cool, but why not persuade everyone

to head to southern Brazil for a visit to Iguazu Falls that you’ll never forget?

Posted by:Michael Korb