survivor russell hantz 'Survivor' villain Russell Hantz: 'Sandra's not even in the Top 20 of all time'Russell Hantz once again made it to the Final 3 on “Survivor” and once again lost, despite playing arguably the most aggressive game of any contestant.

He tells Zap2it about who he thought would vote for him, still being in touch with Natalie White from “Survivor: Samoa” and how he really feels about winner Sandra Diaz-Twine.

How much of a break did you have between filming your first season and filming this one?
10 days. I lost 50 lbs, I was sick as a dog, I was whipped, I was tired and I didn’t know nobody. That’s not much of an advantage. It’s hard goin’ back-to-back. If this season’s Survivors would’ve seen my game, they would’ve seen how loyal I am to my alliance. I brought Foa Foa in season 19 to the final five, four of them.

Are you really at all surprised you didn’t get any votes?

No, but I thought I would get Amanda’s vote. I thought that she’s a really strong player and I thought she would give it because she played two times in a row too. She would come up to me [in the game] and talk about how strategic I am and that she’s never seen this kind of play in her life. That’s what I thought, that all I was getting was one vote.

Jerri mentioned to us that she would have voted for you if you had shown even a little bit of humility or gratefulness to be in the Final 3.
She’s so full of it. She’s so full of crap. She woldn’t have gave me no votes. That’s called, little babies. Bitter babies. “If he would’ve done this or this I would’ve given him my vote.” No, she wouldn’t have. I’m not going to play the game how Jerri wants me to play it or how Colby wants me to play it, I’m going to play how I want to play and that’s why I’ll always get the fans to vote for me. They like to see someone playing hard, playing what he believes and that’s how I play the game.

Does winning the fan-voted Sprint player of season prize twice take the sting out of not winning the game?
Yeah. For sure it does, because if you watched the live show I said how there’s a flaw in the system. If you don’t get one vote and America gives me 5 million votes, it shows you that something’s wrong. Something has to be fixed.

You don’t think it’s because you got a favorable edit? The viewers love you but the other Survivors who had to live with you don’t?
Favorable edit? I looked like a freaking Tasmanian devil out there. [laughs] I’m not gettin’ a good edit, honey. I looked terrible.

Are you friends with anyone you’ve played with in either season? Do you keep in touch with anyone?
I’m friends with Natalie. That’s it. I’m not friends with none of ’em, not even Parvati. She’s a great player but when it comes to friends, I’ll talk to her and hang out with her and stuff, but she’s just not my friend. Natalie, I talk to her all the time. Me and Natalie are real close.

Would you do “Survivor” again if they asked?
I don’t know. I’d have to think about it. I didn’t win. Just think about this. If I played again and I actually won, then is there any argument then that I’m the greatest of all time? If I could go all the way and win, then there’s no argument.

Sandra would still be arguing. Sandra’s not even in the Top 20 of all time. She’s weak in challenges. Everyone talks about the social game, the social game, guess what? Sandra has no social game, she has no physical game. Probably the worst physical player to ever play the game. And her strategic idea all the time was to get rid of me, which didn’t even pan out for her. She did nothing right, she did everything wrong and she was weak. She went to the end because she was weak, that’s why we took her. She’s not a good player. She got taken the first time because nobody thought she would get any votes. It’s not the first time she’s been taken to the end because she’s weak.

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