russell hantz sandra diaz twine survivor 'Survivor' winner Sandra Diaz Twine: 'Russell was nothing but a scumbag'Sandra Diaz-Twine became the first two-time “Survivor” winner when she took home the money from “Heroes vs. Villains” by a vote of 6 to 3 over Parvati Shallow, with Russell Hantz receiving no votes.

She tells Zap2it in her exit Q&A about her experience and what she really thinks of Russell.

A lot of our readers are commenting that you didn’t really do anything — no strategy, you didn’t win any challenges. How do you respond to that?
You know what, I think that there’s a lot of stuff that didn’t make it to the show. There’s a lot of big moves I made, a lot of fights and stuff going on out there. I wasn’t under the radar, I wasn’t quiet, and I wanted Russell out, but then I realized he’s perfect to take to the end because I’ll automatically win. He assumed I didn’t have any friends, but my game is a tight social game and I got all 5 Hero votes and I got Courtney’s vote. At the end of the day, I got the check, I’m the queen, it doesn’t matter who likes me or who doesn’t like me. She won, it’s flawed, that’s what [Russell] thinks, but there are a ton of people who are glad that I won.

Were you surprised that Parvati didn’t win?
I actually thought she had five [votes] and I only had four because they kept saying she was such a physical player, she won so many immunity necklaces. I was shocked that I got more than I was counting on.

Is Russell even more obnoxious in person than we were shown on TV or is he not such a bad guy?
He is obnoxious. I’m sure his wife made him take a shower this morning … I’m glad that I’m not the only one who saw that Russell was nothing but a

What are you and your husband going to do with these two weeks he has leave?

We’re going to hang out in New York and see some sites and then we’re going to go home. I have a honey-do list for him and then he’s going to leave.

Would you do “Survivor” again if they asked you?
Maybe down the road. This is still too fresh, but maybe down the road when I start to miss it. I’m always a fan. But I know I’d have to defend my title and then I’d be the target. I have no complaints about my game.

Meanwhile, Russell says that Sandra is not even in the Top 20 of all time in his exit Q&A. Read it all here.

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