tyson apostol survivor blood vs water winner 'Survivor' winner Tyson Apostol would definitely go back if they asked himTyson Apostol was crowned the winner of “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” Sunday (Dec. 15) by a vote of 6-1. He played a good game and he tells Zap2it that even after winning, he loves the game so much that he’d definitely go back if CBS asked.

Zap2it: Obviously you’re glad you went back on “Survivor” — how are you feeling, has it sunk in yet?
Tyson Apostol: “What’s this supposed to feel like? That’s the thing, I feel the same. Am I going to feel different? I was happy before and I’m happy now. There’s things I’m excited to do with the money. I’m grateful that Mark and Jeff and everybody else at “Survivor” gave me another opportunity, but I don’t know if it’s going to sink in really or what it’s going to feel like if it does.

You played a great game, but were you really feeling the pressure to win the final two Immunities? Because that was the time to take out such a threat to win the game.
I know. I think I still would’ve gotten to the end without winning the Immunities, but it was such a weight off my mind to get them. They’re crucial, but it also just relieves so much pressure. You don’t have to scramble as hard. You still have to make sure your alliance is in check, but worst case scenario is that they’re not and you’re still there. It let me relax a little more. It also helped me in the final Tribal Council, I just needed to make sure I was focused and ready to go.

Were you ever worried that Gervase and/or Monica would flip on you?

Always in the back of your head you have to think that. I always tried to play from other people’s perspectives as well, like putting myself in Gervase’s position and wondering what is the smartest move for Gervase here? Is he going to stick with me? What would make him feel like that is the smartest move? Same with Monica. For the most part, I wasn’t worried about their loyalty, but there were times when I felt I needed to put in a little extra work here or there, make them feel like I’m their best option. … I worked to keep them with me.

The drawing rocks was an amazing Tribal Council — how bonkers was that for you guys sitting there experiencing it?
Crazy, right? So crazy. But doing the math in my head, I was like, “The odds are in my favor, I haven’t been winning challenges, so I can’t get rid of Monica and be down in numbers and worst case scenario is I draw the white rock and go to Redemption Island and most likely win my way back in the game.”

For me, I really feel like it was the smartest move I could do at the time. I let them know too, the odds aren’t in your favor, girls, and on top of that, Hayden is doing this for purely selfish reasons. He knows if you guys draw rocks, he’s safe. … Although Ciera never should have ever felt like she was fourth. It wasn’t until Gervase and Monica told her she was fourth like a million times. … There was no way she was flipping until Gervase and Monica kept counting her number four.

What’s the status of you and Rachel, are there wedding bells in your future? Caleb did say he hoped you guys would make a thousand babies when he voted for you at the final Tribal Council.

A thousand babies seems a little excessive. That’s too many diapers even with a diaper service. But yeah, we’ve been together almost six years, it’s probably time to grow up a little bit more and get married. I don’t know, I mean, we’re both easy-going and take it as it comes. I see us living a long happy life together, unless I die in an Xtreme sports accident. That’s with a capital X, not an “ex.”

Would you go back on “Survivor” again, or is this your last hoorah?
I would go back again. It’s hard because it’s like I know there’s a lot of people that say go out on top and that’s your legacy, but I actually feel like I respect the pro athlete that goes past his prime and plays for the love of the sport. When I’m out on the island, I could live out there. I would definitely come back. It depends on my circumstances and what I’m doing in my life, but I would definitely make an effort to be back if they asked me.

“Survivor” returns with “Brawn vs. Brain vs. Beauty” in February 2014.

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