colton cumbie quits survivor exit interview 'Survivor's' Colton Cumbie quit the game 'to benefit Caleb'Colton Cumbie became the earliest “Survivor” to quit the game when he left on day 7 in Wednesday’s (Oct. 2) episode. He tells Zap2it that he didn’t quit because he didn’t get his way — he quit because it helped his partner, Caleb.

What gives — it really seemed like this time you were really in it to win it.

“I technically still am, even though I’m not there. Caleb winning the game would be the same as me winning. That’s what’s kind of cool about it. I had to make a decision of how can I win this game without me actually winning the game. I took the target off him. … I know pairs get targeted. I think the deeper that the pairs go in the game, the more they’ll become a threat to people, especially Caleb. I was the big, pink target on his back.”

So you’re saying you quit the game to help Caleb win?

“I quit the game because I saw the writing on the wall. I knew what was coming. I knew I was inevitably going to be voted out. I knew it was a matter of time. I didn’t want Caleb to be in the position of having to choose between sacrificing himself for me or staying in the game. I could tell he was in a pretty good position in his tribe. … I didn’t want him to sacrifice his game for me. Thinking about it, if I would’ve played it out, let him switch with me, I would’ve blown his alliance to hell because who are the first two people I would’ve gone to on Tadhana? I would’ve ran to the two girls and that’s not even who he was working with. … Caleb is the type of person who wins ‘Survivor.’ I felt like the sooner I distanced myself from him, the better his chances would be.”

Are you sure he would’ve switched with you?

“Absolutely. After it was all done, he came to me and said, ‘I’m so glad that you did what you did because you know I would’ve switched with you.'”

Based on what we saw, it seemed a lot like a case of your tribemates not wanting to play so hard right away and so you took your ball and went home. Is that fair to say?

“I think based off what we saw, definitely I would say that’s fair. I guess part of that is kind of what happened.”

Why did you want to play so hard right out of the gate? If your
tribe keeps winning Immunity, why wouldn’t you want to keep peace and
harmony for as long as you can?

didn’t understand why it was so good for us to win. We’re the
experirenced players, why don’t we salvage our loved ones and go to
Tribal Council ourselves and trim some of the fat over here? … You
know me, I like Tribal Council. It gives me something to do. Sitting out
there with nothing to do with is the worst part about ‘Survivor.’ The down time is the worst.”

What was going on with the appendicitis thing with Jeff Probst? We’ve never heard anything about fake appendicitis.

“The first time around, everything was going my way. I don’t understand how there is even a discrepancy, I was medically removed form the game. The doctor made the final call, I was begging to stay. … We were all hearing about [the ‘fake’ appendicitis] for the first time [at Redemption Island].

“Here’s the deal — the doctor’s standing right over there. Once I left the game, she came to me … and I talked to her and she was like, ‘Colton, I don’t understand why he’s saying that, but you were sick. There’s no dobut about.’ I’m kind of like Whitney Houston, do you want to see the receipt with my medical bills? What do you want from me, I don’t understand. Obviously, sitting in the arena, I knew Jeff was super irate because he gets super pissed when he thinks you’re not answering his questions.

“I knew I was quitting because I wanted to benefit Caleb, but I can’t sit there and say that. That would defeat the entire purpose of what I’m trying to do.”

“Survivor: Blood vs. Water” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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