laura morett hayden moss survivor blood vs water 'Survivor's' Hayden Moss: 'Big Brother's' social and mental aspects are tougherHayden Moss and Laura Morett were two of the last castaways standing on “Survivor: Blood vs. Water,” but they couldn’t quite get to the end. Hayden tells Zap2it that he doesn’t blame Monica for not flipping, while Laura tells us that she could not be more proud of her daughter Ciera.

Zap2it: Hayden, are you glad you went on “Survivor”?
Hayden: Totally glad. It was amazing. The game in general is incredible. It’s hard, it’s one of those experiences you look back on and you feel like you accomplished something. You’re out there on the island, you’re surviving. You get to meet an amazing group of people that you get to share an experience with that you’ll never, ever forget.

Contrast your “Survivor” and “Big Brother” experiences. How are they similar? How were they different?
H: The biggest difference is the physical difference. “Survivor” is physically hard. You’re trying to survive off the land, trying to fish, find bananas. On “Big Brother,” you have a refrigerator. On “Big Brother,” when you’re bored, you eat. On “Survivor,” when you’re bored, you starve [laughs]. But “Big Brother” is a 90-day game, so the social and mental aspects are a little tougher. Overall, though, “Survivor” is just an amazing game.

Monica told us earlier today that there was no way she would “disrespect” all the former “Survivor” contestants by flipping and letting a “Big Brother” winner win “Survivor.” How do you respond to that?
H: Well, my response is that I think she actually considered flipping. I thought we made a pretty compelling case. With what we saw, it looked like she was considering it. If she had flipped, I think we would’ve had a really good chance, me and Ciera, sitting at the end, battling back and forth to see who got to take home the win.

She did say she thinks if she had flipped, you would’ve gotten all the credit for that and she still wouldn’t have won.
H: I agree that’s accurate. Monica did, for her game, make the right decision. But for my game, I think she made the wrong decision, clearly [laughs].”

Laura, tell us about your experience. Ciera played such a great game, especially at the end. How proud are you of her?
Laura: Incredibly proud. I think that America watched with me as my daughter turned into this — starting the game as this doe-eyed, “oh my gosh mom.” She’s not real outdoorsy, she’s not real athletic, but she never gives up. To watch her and we’re at day 36 and she’s owning it, she’s making big calls. I could not be more proud of her. She transformed in front of America. To come back and watch with her, to actually watch it on screen, was incredible. She’s an amazing girl.

H: I’ll second that, she’s the bomb.

How frustrating was it for you to lose that final duel, Laura? You had done so well up until then on Redemption Island.
L: It was extremely frustrating. Even when Jeff was trying to console me, it still didn’t sink in. I was doing great and you come down to the final point and you can’t follow through? I told my sons, you have to finish strong. And I honestly didn’t feel at that moment that I finished strong. I feel like I dropped the ball right before the goal line.

On the whole show, Ciera’s like, “My mom needs to go, my mom needs to go,” and then the one time — the one time — she needed me back in the game and I couldn’t do it. It breaks my heart, I feel like I let my daughter down. And I know I didn’t and I know my family’s proud, but it doesn’t take away from what I feel. That’s why my daughter’s words, when she’s like mom, I am so proud of you, you taught me how to be a better woman and a mother — I was spiraling at that time, and to hear my daughter say these wise words to me was this ointment to a broken heart. It’s still so real today, watching it. Emotional. … But I did a good job and I fought really hard out there. You can think of all the negative things, or you can think of all the things that are good and praise-worthy and honorable and that’s what I’m going to choose to focus on.

Would either of you go back on “Survivor” if asked?
L: Yep. In a second. Without question.

H: Yes. It’s one of those things where somebody gives you you get the chance to go play a game for a million dollars, how do you say no? If they came and asked me, I would say yes.

“Survivor” returns in February 2014 for “Brawn vs. Brain vs. Beauty.”
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