john cody survivor cbs 'Survivor's' John Cody: Brad Culpepper made a 'strategic error' voting me outJohn Cody lasted a long time on “Survivor’s” Redemption Island this season, just missing re-entering the game at the merge when he lost the final duel. He tells Zap2it that it was frustrating to be faced with a challenge that clearly did not favor him.

Are you glad you did “Survivor”? Was it everything you hoped it would be?

“It wasn’t everything I hoped it would be because I hoped to be sitting at the end and pleading my case at the final tribal council, but I’m definitely glad that I did it. It was an awesome experience, a great opportunity. And even though things didn’t work out the way I hoped, it still was incredible.”

You lasted so long on Redemption Island, how frustrating was it to lose to someone who had not been there very long?

“Well, that was frustrating, definitely. But it wasn’t like Laura M. had just shown up, she’d been out there for five days with me. I didn’t really care how long people had been out there, I just wanted to win. The frustrating part for me was walking in and seeing a challenge that I knew so heavily favored somebody who is shaped the opposite of me. I was just like — wow, this is not going to go well for me. Not that I had a loser’s attitude going in there, but it’s a matter of physics. I did my best, but I had the low hand in that deal.”

Brad Culpepper was kind of a polarizing figure this season. He says that he’s not what Candice and Marissa made him out to be. What was he really like?

“So much of this game is perception and how you’re perceived in your regular life is not necessarily how you’re going to be perceived by people who you wouldn’t normally interact with on a daily basis. Clearly some people perceived him differently than he perceived himself. Brad’s not a horrible guy, we got along while we were out there. He’s very funny. He talks a lot, he’s always got the conversation going.

But if you’re that person who is always taking, always saying things, you’re bound to offend some people and you’re bound to talk over people and not everybody takes it the way that your friends do in your regular life. He didn’t bother me the way that he bothered other people. But I think my annoyance with Brad stems more from his strategic decisions than who he is as a person.”

What do you think he should’ve done differently strategically?

“He should’ve stuck with the person who would have gone with him to the end in me and not voted me out of the game. Not just from a selfish standpoint, but when he voted me out of the game, he ultimately voted out side himself as well by taking the one person who trusts you enough to share Immunity Idol clues with you, we were very tight. Same with Vytas.

We all decided we wanted to work with each other to the end. For them to take out a guy who was with them 100 percent … and vote me out when I also had proven myself to perform well in challenges at a time when we were losing all these challenges, it didn’t make much sense to me at the time. .. In my mind, that was a strategic error.

Now, if he had done it before the merge — at that point, I would’ve been like well, Candice has made a run, lasted 18 days on Redemption Island and Brad might think this is our last time to get John out before Candice comes back in. That might have been a better strategic move. I still would’ve disagreed with it, but that would have made more sense in the timing of the game.”

When you left the game, who did you think was in the strongest position?

“I think Tyson is in the strongest position because he’s strong enough physically but has the shoulder injury so people aren’t quite thinking he’s a dominant physical threat just yet. And he was on the right side of the merge vote. Whoever is on the wrong side of the initial merge vote is in a bad position. … So I think Tyson, Gervase, Hayden, Caleb, all those guys are in a pretty good position. Ciera is in a pretty good position except for the fact that she’s connected with Laura. I think Laura coming back into the game hurts Ciera because they didn’t go with the other coupled players. … Who knows how that works out for them?”

Were you rooting for anyone in particular to win?

“The people I wanted to work with when I got back in the game — Tyson because he didn’t vote for Candice at the beginning, Aras because he didn’t vote for Candice, Gervase, I didn’t know who he voted for. The other people had kind of put the writing on the wall. And Caleb and Hayden and possibly Ciera. Those were the people I was going to try and work with. I’m kind of hoping that those guys do well. Nothing against he other players, I liked everybody that I was out there with. I definitely would like to see the people I was going to work with go far because it maybe in some way validates the decision that I was going through on Redemption thinking about getting back in.”

“Survivor” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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