hayden moss kat edorsson survivor blood vs water 'Survivor's' Kat Edorsson: Hayden Moss 'is the love of my life'“Survivor: Blood vs. Water’s” Kat Edorsson was the latest castaway to lose the duel at Redemption Island and be sent home. But she’s ready to head up Team Hayden Moss — her “Big Brother” boyfriend is the love of her life, she tells Zap2it.

Are you glad you went back on “Survivor”? How was it different from the first time around?

“Absolutely, I love this game. The first time, it was a breeze for me because I was in an alliance of women and we dominated the game. The second time, there were so many aspects. I don’t know about you, but I was confused. [laughs] There were lots of twists and turns and everybody came out with their own agenda and their own loved ones. It made it hard.”

Why do you think your tribe blindsided you instead of getting rid of Laura Boneham last week?

“There was a lot of distrust that happened in the beginning of the game. My alliance was essentially Monica and Tina. You should just never lie to a Culpepper, that’s really what it boils down to. … Monica flipped on me, so here I am today.”

Why were you so worried about what Hayden would think after you were voted out — we’ve met him, he’s incredibly nice.

“He’s incredible, he’s the love of my life, he’s my best friend, he’s very supportive of me. I just knew how disappointing it is for me that I did not do well for him. I know how incredible he is. That was the only thing. It was hard for me. We had a plan to play together and I wanted to win. I wanted to do great things, I wanted him to be so proud of me. Which he will be … but there’s a lot going on and I was getting a little bit crazy.”

Do you feel like Jeff Probst was kind of egging Hayden on into taking your spot on Redemption Island?

“Oh, absolutely. There wasn’t one couple that really, truly wanted to play this game individually more than Hayden and I. There were a lot of couples that came out to play, so they supported the other survivor, but Hayden and I had our own agenda. He’s won a game, this is his chance to win again. He’s the first ‘Big Brother’ player to come on ‘Survivor.’

Jeff Probst really wanted some dramatic change. … If Hayden and I were to switch, or if Hayden didn’t switch with me, where does that put our relationship? Where does that leave us? Where does that go? That’s the drama that Jeff was looking for. I’m happy he probed him, I wanted to see what he said. [laughs]”

When you got eliminated, who did you think was in the best position in the game?

“Clearly it looks like the boys are in a better position in the game. Tyson’s really smart. I really enjoy watching Vytas manipulate everybody. Monica and I are really good friends today and were really good friends in the game, but he got her to vote me out, so I think he’s … just good at what he’s doing. Power moves? I don’t really know. I think Tina’s doing great as well. It’s hard to say.

I just want Hayden to do well, I’m all about Team Hayden. Kill it, bring home the money.”

You’ve kind of already answered this, but are you and Hayden still going strong? Is there marriage in your future?

“There’s definitely strong hopes and possibilities for all those things. I couldn’t imagine living the rest of my life without him, so if that’s the answer that I have to give for the time being, absolutely. I’m trying not to jinx it, you know what I mean? But right now we’re still living in two different states. We’re hoping if we win ‘Survivor,’ we’ll have enough money to move some place where we can start new between us too. Hayden and I just want to be in the same state, that’s what our goal is. I would love to be a part of his life for the rest of my life.”

“Survivor: Blood vs. Water” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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