laura-boneham-survivor-CBS.jpgLaura Boneham just missed going to the merge on “Survivor,” as she was one of two people who lost the Redemption Island challenge before being allowed back into the game. She tells Zap2it that she doesn’t regret at all that Rupert took her spot in the beginning and put her on a tribe of returning players.

Are you glad you did ‘Survivor’? Was it everything you hoped it would be?

“I am so grateful that I got to play ‘Survivor.’ I’m so glad I would even do it again. It’s a crazy adventure. It’s very challenging and you put yourself out there and I did it, I’m very proud.”

How hard was it to be put on the tribe of returning players right from the start?

“Wow. Two minutes in the game to be the first one voted out and then be put into the tribe of all the quote-unquote experts was very challenging. It was intimidating. And they were expecting to have Rupert on their tribe, building the shelter and doing all the work. I feel like I defied the odds staying as long as I did.”

Do you regret Rupert taking your spot on Redemption Island?

“You know, that’s a hard one. He’s played the game three times, so he gave up his game for me because he wanted me to have a chance. … There’s no regrets. People say he made a really bad strategic move, but we have a lifetime alliance, we have to live together, so for him to give me the best gift ever, it was amazing for him to do that.”

Why did you decide to tell Vytas you guys were voting him out without running that by your alliance first?

“Vytas and I had discussed with each other that if our names were brought up that we would tell each other. I hate blindsides, I think it’s a cowardly way to play the game. I had told Tina, Tina and I had talked about it and … she said I’m not gonna tell him but you can. If our alliance was strong enough with the girls, it wouldn’t have mattered that I told him. It was a terrible strategic move for those girls to keep him in the game.”

When you left the game, who did you think was in the strongest position?

“When I left the game at that moment, I really thought that Tina was running the show. Both Tina and Monica were the ones that decided for me to go. I think Tina’s running the show more than they’re showing her as far as editing goes.”

So do you think she was pretty mad that Aras got voted out instead of Laura or Ciera?

“Oh yes. Oh yes. She was tough out there. She didn’t want anybody rocking the boat. As soon as Kat and Colton were fighting, she wanted those guys out. She would always try to find the break in the tribe and she would go for that person. It was her strategy, to find the break or the drama, whatever was going on.”

Was there anyone you were particularly rooting for to make it to the end?

“I kind of liked the underdog because I felt like the underdog the whole time, I had all the odds against me. … I’m kind of pulling for Ciera because I think having her mom go back in the game, she’s kind of quiet, she’s not the most athletic person, so I think I’m kind of pulling for Ciera.”

“Survivor” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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