russell hantz redemption island 'Survivor's' Russell Hantz: No relationship with Boston Rob, still mad at ZapateraIt finally happened. Russell Hantz was voted out of a game of “Survivor” for the first time in three seasons. He tells Zap2it about his experience, Boston Rob and what is in store for him now.

Are you glad you did “Survivor” again, or do you wish you’d stuck with your two

finishes in the final three?

“I have some good relationships with a few people out there, glad that I played

’cause I got to meet them. Plus, I want ‘Survivor’ to get the respect that it

deserves. It’s not easy. You can’t get to the end every time. I always say that I

can and if you don’t know who I am and you don’t have my playbook, I will get to the

end every time. But it’s a tough game. I think they’re seeing the end of the legend,

nothing is forever and you know, they finally got me out of there. I think it’s even

good for everybody. It’s not good for me, but the game is real. Everybody thought,

‘Oh this game is gonna be fixed, Russell and Rob at the end, but no, I got voted out

first on my tribe.”

What did you think of Redemption Island? Did you like that addition to the game?

“I liked it because it gave everybody a shot to come back into the game. And I knew I

might go quick and I knew I’d have a shot to come back.”

Are you still mad at your tribe or do you see it as a smart move on their part,

since you are such a threat to go really far in the game?

“I don’t see any strategy in it. This is the facts – if they wouldnt’ve blew that challenge, we would’ve been three up. They win the next chalenge. We would’ve been

four up and then I guarantee we would’ve went to the merge with numbers. My team would’ve went to the final 5, final 6 again. By throwing that challenge, that could’ve been a big

mistake … or we’ll see, could’ve been a good thing, but as weak as my team was, as

weak as I see that they are, they’re about to get some trouble. They’re about to go

against Rob wihtout me there. They wasn’t even playing the game, they were just

getting rid of Russell. That’s all they cared about.”

Who were you hoping would do well once you were eliminated?

Just your alliance-mates, or somebody else?

Definitely my alliance. I’m true to the end with my alliance. If I was going to say

who I would want to win the game, it would be Krista. Obviously she’s supposed to

be the one who has what it takes. She’s pretty, she’s nice to everybody, she has a social game. Natalie did it, so how come she can’t do it? And she’s a sweet girl.

Her or Stephanie [I’m rooting for], but I don’t think Stephanie would’ve won because Stephanie would’ve

been stabbing everybody in the back. The person that wins is the person that doesn’t piss anybody off.

How is your relationship with Boston Rob? Have you bonded a little over this season?

“I’ve never had a relationship with Boston Rob. Never ever. He’s just not the type of

guy I would hang around with. I think that he is what you see on TV, that ‘s him in

real life. I think he’s a  vindictive kind of guy, like Sandra. What you see there is

what you get. When you see me, ask Jeff – I asked him if he thought I’d have his fight, in a bar fight and he said 100%. I have your back. [Rob is] not like that.”

Would you do “Survivor” again?

“I think it would be stupid for me to play again. I have other stuff in the works

right now that I can’t really talk about, but it’s going to be very exciting. I’m

not saying I want to move up ’cause ‘Surrvivor’s’ pretty high up there on the scale,

but I want to move away from this mainstream reality ‘Amazing Race’/’Survivor’/’Big Brother’ stuff.”

Any messages to your fans?

“All I can say is I tried my best out there and I know they was hoping the best for

me. I tried my best. And now my fans have to pull for Stephanie and Krista.”

“Survivor: Redemption Island” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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