tina wesson ciera eastin survivor blood vs water 'Survivor's' Tina Wesson: 'Even if I'm 80, I'll still go back'Tina Wesson and Ciera Eastin fell just short of making the Final 3 on “Survivor: Blood vs. Water,” but they are happy for Tyson and tell Zap2it that they’d both go back in a heartbeat.

Zap2it: Are you glad you went back on “Survivor”, Tina? Is it getting harder each time you go back? It’s not like you’re an old woman, but the game looks so exhausting.
Tina: You are so funny. Absolutely, I’m glad. Even if I’m 80, I’ll still go back. Yes, it does get a whole lot harder for me, both physically and how the game has morphed. It is such a psychological game. It used to be you formed your alliance and it stayed true the whole time. Now, you form your alliance and five minutes later there’s another alliance. It’s extremely stressful.

Did you consider voting for anyone other than Tyson to win the money?
T: I did not. I had a hard time deciding on Tyson, but once I did, I felt as if he was the only choice because he was the master puppeteer. He was the one calling all the shots. In the heat of the moment, it’s hard to see [what’s going on], especially for me, I was stuck on Redemption Island. Now that I’ve watched the show,  I’m so glad that I did vote for him because I felt like he was leading the charge.

You kind of already answered this, but would you really do “Survivor” again, as long as you could?
T: Absolutely. I love this game, I love everything about it and as long as they ask me, I’ll keep going back.

Ciera, you played such a great game at the end, how frustrating was it that Monica wouldn’t flip on her alliance?
Ciera: Thank you. It was so frustrating. I think you saw, it was Tribal Council after Tribal Council — it started with Hayden and Katie trying to get Monica to flip, then me and Hayden trying to get Monica to flip, then me and Tina. It was this on-going, like, “Wake up!” But I think that Monica made the move that was best for Monica and I cannot take that away from her. But it was so frustrating to sit there and know that she could’ve made a big move.

Monica told us she doesn’t think her chances were any better if she flipped. It’s hard to say whether she would have done better if she’d gone with you and Tina.
C: It is really hard to say. Were her chances any better sitting next to me, Tina, Hayden, Katie? Probably not, but at least she had a resume and could say, “Hey, wait a second, guys. If you’re voting for moves here, I just got out the biggest player, Tyson Apostol.” I think that would’ve helped build he resume instead of just saying OK, well, Tyson clearly played a better game than me and I never really did anything about it.

Did you guys know (or suspect) that Tyson was going to give Gervase the hidden Idol?
C: I figured that he would. When me and Tina would go look for the Idol, Tyson wasn’t even worried. He wasn’t anywhere near us. If he didn’t have it, he would’ve been on us making sure that we did not find it. We assumed he had it and it was the last time to play it, so I assumed he would give it to Gerv. I was shocked, though, that Monica didn’t know he was going to give it to Gervase.

Did you ever consider trying to get Gervase to vote out Monica?
C: We tried, yeah. Hayden and I really worked Gerv. He wanted to get rid of Monica early. Maybe when we were down to like seven or eight, I thought we were gonna get rid of Monica, but then as it started to get further, he would almost be dumb to [vote Monica out] because it wasn’t Monica that impacted Gervase not winning, it was Tyson. Everybody wanted to take Monica [to the finals] because they thought they could beat her. I think he was more likely to switch on Tyson.

But then Tyson won those last two Immunities and that was all she wrote.
C: Yep. Tyson did great, he won exactly when he needed to win.

Your mom told us earlier that she felt like she let you down when she lost that final duel at Redemption, but we suspect you don’t feel that way at all.
C: Not at all. I cried [in the moment], but I wasn’t crying because I was disappointed, but I was so emotional. I was proud of my mom, we called it “Laura’s Island” instead of Redemption Island [laughs]. Also, I don’t know if it would’ve made a difference if my mom came back in the game or Hayden came back in, I don’t know if it would’ve mattered.

Would you go back on “Survivor” if you were asked?
C: I would go back in a second, I had the time of my life. I learned so much about the game and myself. I would love to get the opportunity to go back.

“Survivor” returns with “Brawn vs. Brain vs. Beauty” in February 2014.

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