Susan Boyle pulled out of the "Britain's Got Talent" road show this weekend.

Doctors advised her to rest, reports the Daily Mail.



The Scottish singer sang in three shows over two days. She gave a fantastic performance of her anthem — "I Dreamed a Dream" — in Birmingham on Friday night, but she bailed on the Manchester gig on the national tour.

It has yet to be decided if she will be well enough to go onstage in Edinburgh on Tuesday.

Just two weeks ago, the 48-year-old Scottish singing sensation checked into a private clinic because of  the immense pressure and public interest in her.

But RadarOnline reports that SuBo's camp says there's no need for alarm. It's just a rest day.

Do you think Susan should slow down?

Maybe this media craziness is not healthy for her. It would be horrible if she suffered a breakdown or became ill as a result of all this insanity.

What do you think?

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