Susan-boyle-3 Don’t expect a Susan Boyle world tour anytime soon.

Unless her beloved cat, Pebbles, is the opening act.

According to the Daily Mirror, Susan Boyle did not appear in another "Britain’s Got Talent" concert last night after a hysterical screaming fit over her MIA kitty, Pebbles.

Susan stood on the balcony of her eighth-floor hotel room overlooking the hotel atrium and repeatedly bawled: “Where’s my cat?”  She was whisked out of the Liverpool hotel via a fire escape.

It gets worse…


One witness said: “She kept shouting, ‘I want my cat! I need my cat!’ I think people felt sorry for her as she was clearly unhappy.”

Susan missed a Manchester concert last week after doctors advised her to rest.

A "Britain’s Got Talent" spokesman commented to the Daily Mirror, “She’s just tired. She’s going back to London for a sleep and a bit of rest.”

Rest, schmest! Give this poor woman her cat! Pebbles is clearly her much-needed therapy animal and should be able to travel with her to keep her calm and centered on these exhausting trips and stressful concert gigs.

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