Susan Boyle has all eyes on her (or at least on the Internet for us Yanks) to see if she'll win "Britain's Got Talent" Saturday.

Boyle's U.S. fans don't get to see the broadcast of the performance live, but thanks to the Internet — how Boyle became a worldwide sensation in the first place thanks to YouTube — there's already video posted of her final performance.

Check out video of Susan Boyle's final performance.

Boyle decided to sing "I Dreamed a Dream" again for the finals, revisiting the song from Les Miserables that made her a household name during the audition phase of the show.

It's a risky, but calculated move. Boyle's talents wowed with that particular song and may cause folks who are voting to revisit the feelings of wonder they had when they first heard her sing.

Some, however, could see it as an unoriginal, safe choice and a missed opportunity to show range and her ability to perform a new song just as well.

The judges certainly seemed to like it.

UPDATE: Susan Boyle lost the competition, coming in second to dance troupe Diversity.

What do you think? Should Boyle win it all? Was it a good choice to sing the same song? Would you have preferred another song?


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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen