susan-sarandon-tribeca-film-festivalAt a Tribeca Film Festival panel on Sunday (April 22), Susan Sarandon claimed not only that she was recently denied a security clearance to visit the White House, but that the government has been tapping her cell phone. Sarandon appeared with filmmaker Michael Moore on a panel about documentary filmmaking.

“We know we were under surveillance,” Sarandon said in answer to a question from the audience, reports The Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove. “I’ve had my phone tapped.”

Sarandon also talked about details she’s learning from two Freedom of Information Act requests on her “file.”

“I was denied a security clearance to go to the White House and I don’t know why. Do you know why?” she asked the audience.

Not to be outdone, Moore asserted that he’d been the target of a “disinformation campaign,” possibly engineered by the Federal government.

“I was told this by some people in the Bush administration. They went bonkers when ‘Fahrenheit’ came out and thought it would throw the election to Kerry,” he said before dumping all over Davis Guggenheim’s documentary evisceration of the American public school system, “Waiting for Superman.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson