susan sarandon Susan Sarandon's relationship with Jonathan Bricklin 'strictly business'
Don’t listen to all the rumor-mongers. Susan Sarandon is not, we repeat, not playing naked Ping-Pong with and/or dating 31-year-old Jonathan Bricklin, an aspiring filmmaker and Ping-Pong club owner
Their relationship is — and where have we heard this before? — strictly business. 

]]>“The rumors are absolutely untrue,” her rep’s statement read. “Susan’s relationship with Jonathan Bricklin is strictly a business one.”

Sarandon and and her longtime life partner actor/activist Tim Robbins recently announced an amicable split. 
They met on the set of the 1988 baseball movie “Bull Durham.” 
They have two sons together, Jack, 20, and Miles, 17. She also has a daughter, Eve Amurri.
Let The Dish Rag add that if Sarandon wanted to date a 31-year-old, we are quite sure there would be a very long line of young men anxious to apply for the job.
Photo credit: Susan and her adorable pups on the way to the David Letterman Show. WireImage