Even with all the Emmy awards buzz, Hollywood insiders are still asking, "Where’s little Suri?"

There are still no photos, not even a cartoon likeness, of the TomKat spawn.

And TMZ has reported some strange things about Suri Cruise’s birth certificate. Like the late filing date (8 days after her April 18 birth) and the unusual signatures (an illegible signature of a “friend”) and the missing parental signatures. Hmmmm.

Now suddenly, we have, not one, but two breathless Suri reports from Leah Remini and Jada Pinkett Smith, both babbling about the baby to People magazine.

Call me suspicious, but does anyone else think it’s odd that both of these gals are also Scientologists?

First, church member Remini raves about seeing the MIA baby to People. She says she even got to pick up the TomKitten. Gosh, she must be one of the chosen "clear" ones.

Tomcruisea_brech_9485517_600Now Pinkett Smith, Cruise’s “Collateral” co-star and new fan of Hubbard’s teachings, is also spouting off to People about having seen the missing Scientology link.

Who will be next to Suri spot? Scrolling down the church’s role call list, here are some distinct possibilities: John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Jenna Elfman, Jason Lee, Isaac Hayes, Kirstie Alley and/or Lisa Marie Presley.

But here’s someone it probably won’t be: Steven Spielberg, who is most definitely not a Scientologist.

Plus I hear he’s still pretty PO-ed at Tom for having sicced the Scientologists dogs on a friend of his, a doctor who has had success treating kids with Ritalin.

But be warned, Camp Cruise. People magazine – and people in general – aren’t as dumb as they look.

And if the next FOTC (Friend of Tom Cruise) to report seeing Suri just happens to be another Xenu Freak, folks are gonna get suspicious.

Make that more suspicious.

Photo Credits: Jada Pinkett (Yeah, I saw Suri. What, you don’t believe me?) Smith talks about her new show, "Everybody Hates Chris" at the 2006 TCA press tour July 17. Hey, I’m not gonna question her. Go ahead, you ask her.
WireImage/Michael Caulfield

Photo Credits: Cruise – with gritted teeth and a death grip on the phallic-shaped Lifetime Achievement Award – tries to hug it out with Spielberg at the Chicago International Film Fest July 15. But the director, reportedly still miffed about Cruise siccing Scientology picketers on a doctor pal, keeps the actor at arm’s length.
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