suzanne somers 2 Suzanne Somers on her experimental breast reconstruction: 'It's tempting to go without a bra'After Suzanne Somers underwent surgery for her stage 1 breast cancer, she was unhappy with her body — she had one DD breast, and one breast that would “barely fill a B-cup,” as she tells People Magazine. Instead of getting a simple implant, Somers decided to undergo a rare, experimental procedure to restore her figure.

After meeting with a Japanese doctor who helped develop the procedure, Somers decided to  have the surgery in the U.S. “I decided I’d really like it to be an American achievement by an
American doctor so that American women can have access,” she says.

She was the first patient to participate in a clinical trial for the procedure, where fat (harvested via liposuction on her stomach) and her own stem cells were injected into her breast until it filled a C-cup. She had her left breast reduced to match.

“This whole thing is a win-win,” says Somers. “You lose fat and get a new breast. It’s tempting to go without a bra now, but I won’t – for my grandchildren.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie