suzanne somers threes company reboot jason ritter gi Suzanne Somers wants a 'Three's Company' reboot with Jason Ritter

Suzanne Somers thinks a “Three’s Company” reboot — co-starring John Ritter‘s actor son, Jason Ritter — would be a great idea. How exactly would that work?

In an interview with Closer magazine, Somers shares her re-imagination of the classic sitcom. “I said to my husband the other day,” she says in the interview. “‘You know what would make a great sitcom? If Chrissy Snow’s son was Jason Ritter!'”

How would that work exactly? “It would mean that ultimately, Jack [John Ritter] and Chrissy got married and they had Jason. It is the first acting idea I’ve had that has made my heart flutter.”

Part of the reason Somers is so enthused about her idea is her observation about the younger Ritter’s talent. “When I’ve seen him acting, he’s got his father’s timing. And he’s darling,” Somers says of the actor, a young man she has not yet met. “I think I’m going to throw that out there to him.”

Ritter would have to leave his current job on the FOX midseason comedy, “Us & Them.” He also wouldn’t be able to go back to “Parenthood,” which might upset some fans of that show.

Alas for fans of Somers’ other big TV series, there seems to be no discussion of an updated “Step by Step.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown