HeidiKlum_Chris_56204587_600 The swine flu epidemic has put a serious damper on Heidi Klum and Seal's Mexican wedding vow renewal planned for May 10.

Life & Style reports that the expecting couple have canceled their annual plans to renew their wedding vows in Costa Careyes, Mexico, this year due to the threat of swine flu.

This is a regular event for the hot couple. They have renewed their vows at the same location, on the same day since their 2005 wedding, a move clearly designed to help them remember what they promised each other the year before.

Heidi was reportedly worried about border closings and their three small children, not to mention their unborn child. 

Heidi's rep confirms the news to Life & Style: saying "Heidi and Seal have decided to renew their vows at home in L.A. this year." 

Safer and smarter.

Renewing one's wedding vows every year sounds a bit much to us.

But it sure seems to be working for them, doesn't it? 

Photo: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead