Each week, Swingtown packs more and more into its one hour time slot then any other show I’ve seen. There’s a creepy double entendre in there somewhere, but I don’t think I want to find it.

Our show begins with Bruce & Susan hanging out with Tom & Trina and Sylvia & Brad. Sylvia reveals that Brad’s sexology article has been optioned for a book deal and he will be doing research at the local sex club. Trina reveals that she and Tom have temporarily closed their marriage due to his infidelity. Which is a pretty amusing juxtaposition when you think about it. The subject of infidelity makes Bruce uncomfortable, given how he rushes to refuse Brad’s request to interview him and Susan. This prompts Susan to ask him later that night if they need to talk, which is when he reveals that he made out with Melinda.

The next morning, he gets a cool response from Susan, prompting him to tell her he would prefer it if she yelled at him. He starts to promise to tell Melinda that nothing else will happen, but Susan cuts him off and tells him to not talk to her at all. And then she suggests that they meet Brad and Sylvia at the Pendulum Club. She explains that she doesn’t want sex to control their marriage and then she passionately kisses him good bye. Meanwhile, across town, Trina shows up at Janet’s house with a tray of muffins to apologize for Roger swimming in her pool. Unfortunately, the muffins are all stuck in the pan, but they have a good heart to heart anyway, ending with Trina telling Janet not to underestimate herself.

Later that day, Roger and Bruce meet for drinks, so Roger can pick his brain about a job in stock trading. Bruce steers him away from the profession and they end up talking about their wives instead. Bruce tells Roger that sometimes women take things better then they might expect. His example is how he told Susan about making out with Melinda and how she responded by wanting to go to a sex club. Correlation does not equal causation, Bruce!

Susan is doubting the decision herself, which leads her to invite Trina & Tom to the club, for moral support. Trina doesn’t want to go since they’ve closed their marriage, but she eventually agrees. Which is when Janet shows up to return the muffin tray and finds Susan all dressed up. Susan admits they are going out and Janet looks uncomfortable for not being invited. Susan starts to apologize, saying "the kind of club we are going to…", only for Janet to cut her off by saying "wouldn’t want me for a member?" Well, now that you mention it…

But Janet is determined to not be underestimated, so Trina tells her she can borrow a dress while they will her in on the details of the club and call Bruce to tell him to bring Roger. It goes about as well as we could expect, with Tom & Trina being frustrated, Susan & Bruce tentatively leaving with Brad & Sylvia and Roger & Janet leaving uncomfortably after getting a private tour of the back room by woman they all keep referring to as a unicorn, who tried to pick up Roger. 

Roger & Janet swing by Tom & Trina’s house to return her dress, only to find another party in full swing, including the unicorn. She grabs Roger while Janet goes to change. This allows Janet and Trina to have another moment of bonding, where Janet admits she underestimated her. Trina tells her to be proud for breaking out of her shell and going to the club, but Janet says she only did it for Roger. However, when she sees him getting rubbed up on by the unicorn, she runs out by the pool.

Which allows Tom to come to the rescue. He asks if she is OK and tells her not to make a big deal about the dirty dancing. Janet asserts that if what Roger needs is what happens at Tom & Trina’s parties, then she can’t help him. Tom counters that if it is, it would be better that she were present. Janet self deprecates that his friends wouldn’t want her, which leads Tom to grab her and kiss her, telling her she is beautiful, that Roger is lucky and that maybe someone else recognizing that will let her remember it too. She manages to walk back inside and ask Roger for the keys because she wants to go home, also giving him permission to stay. He reminds her that the whole night’s adventure was her idea, before saying "lets go home".

Across the street, Bruce & Susan expected to come home to an empty house, since both the kids have their own story lines. However, Laurie’s plot has her with her former philosophy teacher making out on the sofa because her parents are supposed to be out for the night. Oops. Wacky shenanigans ensue, with Laurie and Doug hiding behind the bar with growing horror while her parents drink, sing, smoke pot, answer questions about their sex life and eventually talk about how Brad likes to watch while Sylvia tries pulling Bruce’s pants down. Which is right around the time that Laurie and Doug are spotted trying to crawl away. And, of course, are caught.

Simultaneously, B.J. is following Sam home after a disastrous evening at Rick’s, where they played pong before spin the bottle. The latter of which led to Sam being in a closet with Rick for 2 minutes, during which time he told her she was just another stray B.J. had picked up and then tried to kiss her. She responded appropriately by popping him in the nose and leaving. When B.J. catches up to her, she tells him she’s not a stray that he needs to look after and she doesn’t go to parties or play kissing games. At least, that’s her story until he kisses her.

Back inside the house, Bruce is shocked to find his daughter which an older man wearing only an undershirt. Laurie is shocked to find her dad in his own state of undress with a woman she’s never seen before. It’s about as uncomfortable as it sounds. Sylvia, Brad and Doug all beat a hasty exit, leaving the family to sort itself out. Sam and B.J. stand wide eyed as the three adults barrel out of the house while pulling on articles of clothing. Who’s gonna need therapy?

Bruce is appalled that Laurie is dating her former teacher. She counters by being equally appalled that her parents were getting stoned with "those freaks and about to" – which is right when Bruce cuts her off with a very serious warning. He looks around and demands to know what has happened to his family, dating the downfall to their move into the new house, before declaring that he’s taking back control and will be instituting a lot of changes. Laurie wants to know what that means, but it seems Bruce isn’t even sure himself.

What changes do you think are coming? How will it fit into Bruce & Susan’s explorations of an open marriage? How much longer will Tom & Trina’s be closed?

Posted by:Jessica Paff