switched at birth season 3 finale constance marie lea thompson graduation 'Switched At Birth' Season 3 Finale's most tear inducing momentsWe were prepared for some major changes to take place in the Season 3 finale of “Switched At Birth,” but didn’t realize just how much Kleenex we would go through in the powerful hour of Television.

Carlton’s last graduating class ever certainly had their plates full and the big day filled with parties, love and ceremonial goodness, was also a time where Bay, Daphne and Emmett were faced with some big, real life decisions.

Warning: If you haven’t seen how Season 3 ends, please stop reading now.

Bay planned what looked to be a perfect future with Emmett, while Wes promised Regina Daphne wouldn’t be implicated for her role in the vandalism of the store (making a move in the process) and things seemed to be on the up and up ,despite the school’s impending closure. However, everything was turned on its head when Daphne was arrested, despite already being told she was in the clear. This was the first of many moments that caused some tears to well up in our eyes — let us know if you were somehow able to hold it together during these other gut wrenching moments from the Season 3 finale. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have to run out and buy more tissues.

1. When Mary Beth asks Travis if his family is coming to support him at graduation and he tells her his friends are his family, the tears started forming for sure — but when his mom Karen showed up at the ceremony completely educated on sign language, thanks to an app, it was hard to stop the steady stream of tears from flowing.

daphne bay graduation switched at birth season 3 finale 'Switched At Birth' Season 3 Finale's most tear inducing moments2. When Daphne revealed to Bay she would have to kiss all her future dreams of med school goodbye because of her jail sentence, did you lose it?

3. Daphne’s graduation speech — seriously there are no words to describe how beautiful that was. The two most sob worthy moments being when she talked about finding her way to Carlton through Emmett and sign language and when she thanked all the parents and siblings, no matter how you got them.

emmett graduation switched at birth season 3 finale 'Switched At Birth' Season 3 Finale's most tear inducing moments4. When Emmett thanked Daphne for getting switched at birth and explained to her if they hadn’t met, he wouldn’t have Bay — there couldn’t possibly be a dry eye in the house.

5. When Bay turned herself in, therefore throwing away her picture perfect future with Emmett in California, so Daphne could have a chance at living her dreams — if you weren’t completely floored, we can’t relate. This moment was filled with everything we love about “Switched At Birth.” Bay and Daphne’s bond is so strong and beyond inspiring and we will be counting down the seconds anxiously until there are new episodes.

What did you think of the Season 3 finale? Did you cry as much as we did?

Posted by:Sarah Huggins