switched prom 'Switched at Birth' star Katie Leclerc spills: Deaf prom brings big changes in the spring finale“Switched at Birth” threw fans for a major loop when Emmett (Sean Berdy) slept with Simone (Maiara Walsh) this season. Sure, things between him and Bay (Vanessa Marano) were beyond rocky, but we were still shocked to see Emmett’s bad-boy side emerge this way — not to mention, he kind of threw his friendship with Toby (Lucas Grabeel) to the wolves.

This week, we spoke with Katie Leclerc to get all the scoop on how this latest shake-up will effect her character — Emmett’s BFF Daphne — in tonight’s big spring finale. It’s time for the “switchters” to head to prom, but Daphne’s big night with Wilke may be ruined by Emmett’s secret. It’s certainly not going to make the already high-anxiety prom night any easier for Wilke.

“Wilke has some added pressure in that at the moment, he’s the only one who knows about Emmett and Simone,” Leclerc tells us. “Wilke’s been placed in this rough situation where he’s got loyalties to Toby and loyalties to Bay, so he’s in a strange place.”

Daphne’s loyalties, of course, are with Emmett — but that’s not to say that she’ll support his not-so-great decisions. “Emmett and Simone both made bad choices,” Leclerc says. “They really made a mess of themselves, and it’s hard because you can’t place the blame on one or the other. I think Daphne’s going to see the error of their ways. I don’t think she’ll be able to pick a side.”

She and Bay are also in a particularly good place going into this episode. When Daphne’s having some artistic challenges in her plan to ask Wilke to the prom, Bay steps in and helps her. Though the girls will continue to butt heads on occasion, they’re definitely bonding over their shared situation.

swtched family pic 'Switched at Birth' star Katie Leclerc spills: Deaf prom brings big changes in the spring finale“There’s naturally some competition between the two of them… but my favorite moments on the show are when Bay and Daphne are working together toward a common goal. I love Vanessa Marano to pieces,” Leclerc says. “The prom episode was one of our favorites because we had a lot of scenes together, and those long days on set are made that much better when you have your friends with you.”

In early 2012 episodes, Daphne was still daydreaming about a romance with Emmett, but with Wilke and Bay in the picture, her more-than-friendly feelings for him have dissipated a bit. We had to ask Leclerc whether she thought Daphne was still holding out hope that she and Emmett might end up together.”

“I think there’s probably room for that, in the back of Daphne’s mind. When she does find out about the Simone thing, that might warp her opinion in some ways,” she teases. “I think that her and Emmett have a connection that Bay doesn’t have any frame of reference for, and in that sense, there will always be a connection between Daphne and Emmett.” For the time being, Leclerc is a fan of Bay and Emmett as a couple — and, similarly, her co-star Marano is rooting for Daphne and Emmett to have a chance! It’s always nice to see friends rooting for each other.

If you love Daphne and Wilke together as much as we do (okay, despite his occasional insensitivity, we can’t help but find him charming), get ready for some major drama in tonight’s explosive episode.

“I get twitter messages from fans that are like ‘Oh, Wilke and Daphne are so cute together!’ and then some hardcore Deaf fans are like, ‘That Wilke’s such a jerk for not learning sign language!’ So it’s very mixed across the board,” Leclerc says. “I can say for sure that in the finale episode, Daphne and Wilke’s relationship changes dramatically. I think that some people are going to be very happy about it, and some people might be a little bit sad. How’s that for a tease?”

We’ll take it! Tune in to “Switched at Birth” tonight at 8 p.m. EST. After that, new episodes will begin airing in the fall. It’s going to be a long summer!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie