sydney spies vertical Sydney Spies: Fight over 'sexy' yearbook photo going to school boardA Colorado teenager whose yearbook photo was rejected as being too “sexy” has struck out with a third submission, and her family is not happy about it.

Sydney Spies made national headlines in January when the controversy over the yearbook photo she submitted jumped from her Durango, Colo., high school to the “Today” show. After here initial photo (shown here) was rejected, she submitted a second one for the yearbook that also got a thumbs-down.

Now, her mom, Miki, says she submitted a third photo, but the yearbook’s editors claim she missed a deadline and will just use a “mug-shot-type picture” from her student ID.

“She requested that no photo be used. But I don’t think they’re going to do that,” Miki Spies tells Westword, an alt-weekly paper in Denver. She adds that she’s planning to file a formal complaint with Durango’s school board in hopes the board will “acknowledge that there’s been a lot of mishandling of this situation.”

“Sydney feels very bullied, by the entire school, basically. The school has been awful and the kids have been awful,” Miki Spies says. “She’s received very little support in any way from anybody. There’s been a ton of cyber-bullying, where people can say whatever they want without looking the person in the eyes. It’s been extremely hurtful for our entire family.”

The third photo, incidentally, apparently came from this set, which the business that took Sydney’s yearbook photo posted online. Miki Spies says it was one of the “model-type shots” in the set but didn’t specify which one.

Posted by:Rick Porter