sydney spies vertical Sydney Spies on sexy yearbook photo: 'It's artistic'Sydney Spies, the Colorado teen whose senior photo was too racy for her high school yearbook, is speaking out on the controversy. In an interview on “Today” the aspiring model says the picture is simply a representation of who she is.

The 18-year-old tells Matt Lauer on Monday (Jan. 9), “I honestly think (the picture) describes who I am. I’m an outgoing person and I really do think it’s artistic.”

Spies has been at odds with her Durango, CO school after yearbook editors said they wouldn’t run the photo. She has since submitted a second option in which she’s sporting a barely there mini-dress. They declined that option as well.

But the yearbook’s editor Brian Jamirillo explains their rationale for turning down the photos. He tells NBC, “We didn’t want this picture to make our publication seem unprofessional and inappropriate.”

Spies along with her mother Miki Spies believe the school’s behavior reeks of censorship and are considering taking legal action.

In an interesting twist, the photo is going to end up in the yearbook anyway. The publication allowed Sydney place the provocative picture in the book in the form of a $300 ad.

But this all seems silly to the teen who says, “If it’s going to be in the yearbook anyway, then why should I not be able to have it as my senior picture? That’s what I don’t understand.”

Posted by:David Eckstein