Syfy.pngListen up, Syfy fans! The network that brought you “Dinocroc vs. Supergator” has just announced three new scripted series in development. Syfy has had huge hits in shows like “Warehouse 13,” “Eureka,” “Alphas” and “Haven,” so we’re excited to see what they’ll do next.

We’re also hoping they don’t cancel these before we get a chance to love them. We’re still angry about the cancellation of “Stargate Universe,” “Caprica” and “Eureka.” Sci-fi shows very often have a target on them from the get go, even on a station that is supposed to be devoted to the genre.

Syfy caused uproar from genre fans by adding wrestling to the schedule, setting off a debate about whether it’s high ratings were even from sci-fi fans. We’d love to hear your feelings on the subject, so feel free to sound off on this one.

So, what about the new shows? Here’s a rundown:

Untitled Robert H. Wolfe project:

After decades of war, the newly formed Unity
Democracy orders a volatile mix of humans and trans-humans to lead the
Starship Defender on an expedition in search of lost worlds requiring
law and order.

Seeing Things (working title):

A cop becomes a ghost after his violent death and the
only person who can help close his last case is a socially awkward man
who realizes that the
he’s had all his life
may not be a figment of his imagination.”

Ghost Projekt:

“Based on the popular comic series, a female KGB agent
and male American weapons inspector form an unlikely partnership when a
deadly force is unwittingly unleashed from a Siberian research

So, which ones do you think will survive? Which ones are you excited for? Do you have a betting pool?  We can’t wait to see the results.

Posted by:jbusch