alphas syfy 320 Syfy launches 'Alphas' in July, develops a ton of unscripted showsSyfy will launch its new sort-of superhero series “Alphas” in the summer, and it’s developing a boatload of unscripted shows (along with a few scripted ones) for the coming year.

Also? One of the channel’s upcoming Saturday-night B-movies is called “Jersey Shore Shark Attack.”

The cable channel made the announcements Tuesday (March 22) at upfront presentation in New York. On the scripted side of the ledger, “Alphas” — starring David Strathairn as the leader of a team of people whose “brain anomalies” give them special mental and physical abilities — will premiere in July along with three returning shows: “Warehouse 13,” “Eureka” and “Haven.”

Syfy is also still developing “Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome” (although there’s nothing new to report) and three comedy projects. One is “Three Inches,” about a guy who has the ability to move any object with his mind … up to a distance of three inches. The show was originally conceived as an hour-long series, but since “Alphas” played in somewhat similar territory, Syfy rejiggered it as a half-hour comedy.

Another comedy project, “Me and Lee,” has also gone through the development mill. It began life as a 2007 FOX pilot starring Jamie Kennedy as a guy who meets “Six Million Dollar Man” Lee Majors, who’s been experimenting with his own form of bionics. Kennedy’s no longer attached, but Majors is. The third comedy is called “In the Dark,” and it’s a goof on the many ghost-hunting shows currently on TV that follows a team of third-rate paranormal investigators on their various missions.

Syfy will also premiere the movie “Neverland,” starring Keira Knightley as the voice of Tinkerbell and Charlie Rowe (“Never Let Me Go,” “Pirate Radio”) as Peter Pan, in December.

The channel will also roll out three new unscripted series in the coming months. “Haunted Collector” (about a family that tracks down and collects supposedly possessed items) debuts in June, “Legend Quest” (a sort of real-life “Da Vinci Code”) in July and “Paranormal Witness” (exactly what the title says) in December. Among the 10 — yes, 10 — reality projects in development are “Culture Shock With Tommy Lee,” a travel show in which the rock-‘n’-roller investigated secret societies around the world; “Monster Man,” about creature creator Cleve Hall; “Dinner With Deepak” (Chopra, that is); and “Hi Tech Hoaxes,” a prank show with movie-quality special effects.

And, yes, “Jersey Shore Shark Attack.” Other Saturday movie titles we like: “Bigfoot,” starring Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce; “Gretl,” with Shannen Doherty as the fairy-tale character, all grown up; and the self-explanatory “Zombie Apocalypse.”

Posted by:Rick Porter