syfy zombie gods z nation olympus gi Syfy orders 'Olympus,' 'Z Nation': Zombies and Greek gods coming soon

Syfy is expanding its original scripted series content with two new series — “Olympus” and “Z Nation” — announced on Monday (April 7).

“Z Nation” is a post-apocalyptic zombie drama that takes place three years after a zombie virus has destroyed the country. There is only one known survivor of this plague, and a group of everyday heroes need to transport him from New York to California where a final lab waits to create vaccine from his blood.

Produced by The Asylum (“Sharknado”), the 13-episode series has a planned debut in the fall of 2014.

“‘Z Nation’ is a unique new journey into the long established zombie genre,” Syfy senior vice president of programming Chris Regina says in a statement. “Instead of existential despair, the series offers hope that somehow, some way, humanity will not only survive, but triumph.”

The second new series coming to Syfy is “Olympus,” a mythology-fantasy series set to premiere a 13-episode season in 2015.

Focusing on how humanity banished the gods to the realm of the unconscious (aka, Hades), “Olympus” will follow a hero transforming from a fresh-faced young man to a ruthless leader of men and a match for the gods.

“‘Olympus’ is a fantastic blend of action, intense thrills, creatures and great story telling,” Regina says. “It will feature characters from mythology in a way never before imagined.”

Nick Willing (Syfy’s “Alice” and “Tin Man” is writing “Olympus,” with Robert Halmi Sr. (“Gulliver’s Travels,” “The Odyssey”) executive producing.

Posted by:Laurel Brown